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Floyd Mayweather and Rick Ross Diss 50 Cent On Twitter


It was all good just a month ago, right? Last week, after 50 Cent announced that he was leaving “The Money Team,” the notoriously loudmouthed Floyd Mayweather kept quiet. That all changed last night on Twitter. 

The pound-for-pound best fighter in the world took to his Twitter and retweeted (gasp!) 50 Cent’s biggest adversary, Rick Ross. “We the new money team,” Ross exclaimed on his account. Floyd went on to diss 50’s new promotions company SMS by calling them “Snakes Maneuver Slick,” “Sisters Managing Sports,” and “Similar Mayweather Show.”

Admittedly, we’ve heard more scathing disses come from high school lunch tables, but Floyd was just warming up. “A male boxing groupie.. hold my belts because your album sales have declined,” Floyd tweeted with a picture of Curtis. Floyd also continued to berate 50, calling him “cute” while wearing a “Money Team” jacket.

Rick Ross jumped into the fray earlier by stating “that boy @FloydMayweather said “hold my money f**k boi haaaaaaaa.” 

If we were betting people, it looks like the Money Team and Maybach Music Group are going to be working very closely together now that 50 Cent is no longer in the picture. Well, whatever gets us a Mayweather/Pacquiao fight. This looks like it won’t end soon.



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  • Media Anarchist

    Really pathetic if you ask me. It seems money doesn’t affect childish behavior smdh.

  • halem knight

    Officer Ricky was fast to speak on Floyd but he hasn’t “said a word” about having to make Payoff’s to the GD’s!

  • mish one music

    ummm pay attention to the game mmg wont be doing anything unless rick ross coughs up a check to the GD’ s

  • Fucc em all they media babies come ta south centtral holla at some real niggaz.

  • peepee

    This has to be old cuz no one wants to see a floyyd and pacman fight nymore wtf