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Mitt Romney Holds Rally In Town Where Trayvon Martin Was Gunned Down


Prior to Feb. 26, the general public probably didn’t know much about Sanford, Fla. The town, where Trayon Martin was gunned down, has been launched into an international spotlight due to the racially-charged case, and has recently become a campaign stop for Mitt Romney.

The Republican hopeful visited Sanford, Monday (Nov. 5), where he and Gov. Rick Scott rallied support behind his presidential bid.

Standing on the platform of the economy, the appearance was a reiteration of Romney’s previous rhetoric. “The question of this election really comes down to this: Do the people of America want four more years like the last four years?” he said. “Or do you want real change, finally?”

Given the headlines that the town has garnered over the last several months, during the rally, Romney put up a united front. Accused of not relating to voters in certain income brackets, and minorities, the 65-year-old reaffirmed the stance taken after a video of him surfaced separating himself from 47 percent of voters, whom he believes will vote for the commander in chief. “I’ll bring people together,” he said. “I won’t just represent on party. I’ll represent one nation.”

Using Obama’s old “change” adage, Romney also detailed how the president has failed. “I think you know that the president promised change. I not only promise change, I have a record of achieving it.”

The aftermath of Martin’s death, shone light on Florida’s “stand your ground” law. Mother Jones reports that the law was sponsored by the Republican legislator who assisted Scott in his fight to shorten voting hours last year.

George Zimmerman, the man who took Martin’s life, asserts that shooting him was an act of self-defense, but the racial component of the case was at the forefront of protests around the nation. While he has not been tried in a court of law—and is therefore innocent until proven guilty— some believe that Zimmerman racially profiled Martin, who was wearing a hooded sweatshirt at the time.

 As a whole, Florida has yet to shake the reputation leftover by previous elections. Several reports coming out of the state showcased Republican efforts of voter intimidation, among other tactics.

In response to the allegations and long lines at polling locations, the Florida Democratic Party has filed a lawsuit to extend voting hours in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties.



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