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30 Asian students are South Philadelphia High School are refusing to return to the classroom after they were assaulted by a group of Black students no more than one week ago.

Some of the students involved in the attack have faced the wrath of America’s school system and have since been sent to public institutions that specialize in alternative educational methods, yet, that is not enough for these teens.

More than 50 students are actively protesting the Philadelphia school district by boycotting all classes and social events hosted by the educational system, a move made because they felt that their plight was not being taken seriously by the powers that be.

Now the beleaguered learners have the backing of several influential figures in city law enforcement as well as leader with Philly’s Asian community, all of which are calling for broader security measures to be taken to make sure violence does not remain an issue in local public schools.

“We’ve been telling them if you work with the school district and be patient, things will turn around and this happened last week?,” questioned John Chin of the Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation. “What am I going to tell the students today?”

There has not been any official evidence that says whether the attacks against the students were racially motivated.

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