10 Nicki Minaj Pics That Feature An Out Of Place Safaree


Nicki Minaj and Safaree are like those “best friends” in a sitcom, where everyone thinks they’re together and by the season finale they are. Sure, Barbz and her right hand man have been rumored to be an item since Nicki was sitting in a stairwell during The Come Up DVD, but who really knows what the situation is?

What we do know is they are together. Always. It’s one of those things where at first it was sweet, but now it’s just outright confusing. The bigger Nicki gets, the more we see Safaree. He even got to sit in on her Tim Westwood interview with her UK Barbies recently. What gives?

To prove our point thoroughly, we’ve provided a nice little gallery of moments where Safaree Samuels had no business standing there. It’s not that we don’t like him. It’s just that we’re wondering why he’s always around. You can’t swing Nicki’s wig without it hitting Safaree in the face. Don’t believe us? Check the flicks.


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  • lol to this pic

  • NamesAre for Dummies

    LOL at the ending. I was gonna accuse y’all of hating lol. He probably is her safe place. Her familiar person that keeps her grounded. I’m sure as a celebrity you need @ least one person in your life who was there when you were poor and when you make it. I don’t care for her, but seeing him always by her side actually made her seem more human and less Barbie.

    • noyfb6

      I was about to say the same thing LOL

  • hi

    LOL at “Oh look it’s Nicki Minaj and her butler” lmao!!!

  • CEO


  • FreshConrete

    Somebody actually defies all the odds and here y’all go hating, if that was my chick and she wanted me there then i would be there. What you have to understand about hatin’ is that when you are doing it you don’t know it.

  • Mercedes Carter

    If she wants to bring her friend wherever she wants, she can. Damn.


    thats the prettiest most normal ive ever seen nicki minaj look