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LL Cool J Talks “Laptop Gangsters” & Announces New Album’s Release Date [VIDEO]


LL Cool J appeared on CBS’s  The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last night for a lively interview. Uncle L talked about his activity on Twitter and working on his new album, Authentic Hip-Hop

When asked if he tweets, the “Murdergram” rapper referred to aggressive Twitter users as “laptop gangsters” and went on to say that they are “cold blooded.”

“Oh that’s my favorite thing,” said LL when Ferguson ask if be blocks the laptop gangsters. “I love it, it’s so refreshing to just… They hate on you, and say something terrible and you just respond with something pithy and, Block! It’s so relaxing, it’s like getting a massage.”

The NCIS: Los Angeles actor also mentioned that he is working on his new album, titled Authentic Hip-Hop, which according to his MySpace page is scheduled to be in stores February 12. That’s right in time for Valentine’s Day. Coincidence?

Watch the entire interview below.


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