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North Carolina Radio Station Hangs Black Man From Tow Truck For Annual Christmas Parade


WDGC 105.1 FM (or G 105, as it’s called), hanged a Black man known as the “Black Christmas Fairy” from a tow truck during a Christmas parade in North Carolina, Saturday (Nov. 17).

Assuming that the idea was to spread a little holiday cheer to the city of Raleigh, someone  still should’ve known that “hanging” and “Black man” are red flags on the racial insensitivity meter.

Nonetheless, the station, and the man –whose full title for the day was “Tyrone the Black Christmas Fairy”— all went along with the idea, and are feeling the heat thanks to mixed reviews of the human ornament. “A lot of your fans won’t come back to the show after this. This is my last post.” wrote one commenter on the Facebook page for the station’s Bob & the Showgram show.

Another spectator didn’t see the harm. “Saw it, liked it, and wish I had a bat to get the candy too. LOL.”

The station however, had an idea that hanging Tyrone from the tow truck wasn’t the best choice, writing that they “prob wont be allowed back” to the parade, on their Facebook page.

A spokesperson from the Greater Raleigh Merchants Association, which organizes the parade, said they were unaware of the station’s plans for “Tyrone the Black Christmas Fairy,” stating that they were under the impression that he would be “floating over the air and not hanging from the back.”


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  • The black guy is the stupid one for agreeing to do it.what some people will do for money! SMDH.

    • SheStupid

      Yea especially when the black guy is some homeless person with a mental condition. Nevermind the prejudice idiots that that thought this was cool to do. Yep you’re the bright one in your family.

      • Nior

        WHere did it say he was homeless? I know this radio

        station, and Tyrone is always cooning for Bob and the Showgram. Michelle is right, he was the idiot.

  • Noir

    We really need new stuff to be outraged about. Come now… nobody forced him to hang up there.

  • Big Black Guy

    Idiot birds of a feather flock together. He did mind being a dumb n!@@&r and they didn’t mind treating him like one.

  • Mississippi Librarian

    This mess is getting way out of hand.

  • Raleigh Attendee

    I attended this parade. The guy is a local radio disc jokey comedian of sort. He said he’d dress up as a fairy to mock the traditional parade antics. He was suspended at his waist – not hung as the article suggests. I disliked the silliness of the fairy, plus he had a mic and was in his supposed radio character. But we can always find time to discuss a topic.

  • Raleigh Attendee

    all the while – this website has a section called “Bangin Candy”? That should be enough outrage for women and men in the black community. Perpetuating the sexualized stereotypes of black women is immature and still far from our purpose.

  • Jeff L. Crowder

    You all need to get over yourselves and stop being so butt-hurt because of something like this. You are horrified that a black man would do this, but then you have no problem insulting him yourself. You are a bunch of hypocrites who just want to make an issue out of everything!

  • The people who thought this was a good I deal must of bump there head, and need to be sent back in time, to see the pain and suffering of our people, why do some of our people forget and think the pain of our people is ok to make fun at?

    • And what does the issues of your ancestors have ANYTHING to do with a guy dressed like a fairy???

  • Marcko

    Everybody knows Bob Dumas’ name should be Bob Dumass – nothing new!