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Exclusive: Shyne Is “Happy” About Obama’s Re-Election, Wants Him To Encourage Education


Being on the outside looking in has done little to handicap the rapper’s political views, but continuing to fight for approval to re-enter the states is an ongoing battle. Currently in Paris, but born in Belize, Shyne can apply for a visa, and if allowed back in the country—where he served a decade in prison—he is confident that he will be of service. “Regardless of who makes the final decision, as far as the law is concerned I can apply for a visa, and I can apply for certain waivers because I’m an ‘Extraordinary talent.’ Not saying that I’m actually an ‘Extraordinary talent,’ that’s just the language that they use. I definitely qualify, I’d redeem myself, I’d come to America and actually contribute to the tax bracket. Besides the professional aspect of it, I quality as far as what I can contribute to the culture. A lot of these guys are liars, a lot of these guys just don’t care.

“I’d like to see him use Hip-Hop to get these kids focused on education.” -Shyne


“People can say what they want to say about me, but Shyne don’t lie, Shyne really does care. I’ve been consistent. If you go back to my first album, I’ve been talking that neo-political gangster stuff, this ain’t nothing new. People believe me, the kids believe me, the older adults believe me, the younger adults believe me, so there’s no one better person to put as an example of the pit falls, the perils of a life of crime , a life of violence, and making bad decisions. There’s no better person to show that no matter how much money you have, how famous you are, if you make the wrong choices you will have to pay. I’m still paying for that mistake I made in the club that night.”

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