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10 Examples Of Great Rappers Making Wack Songs


Our favorite rappers aren’t perfect. Once more, on their worst day they can out rap some people on their best day. 

It doesn’t mean that they do not have their flaws. Sometimes the rappers are still spitting that heat, it still couldn’t save a really bad song. Let us preface this list by saying that you have to be an undeniably great talent to even land on this list. Even Michael Jordan thought he could play baseball for a bit, so look on the bright side.

They’ve delivered a lot more hits than misses. It’s time to let these misses shine. From Jay-Z and Eminem to Three Stacks and Lupe Fiasco, take a look at ten of the wackest songs by ten great rappers after the linkage.


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  • Tyfromqueenz

    Can’t agree with “Who Killed it” Love the Concept….And too me, the sequencing was perfect, even down to the names of the songs..Yeah, I’m prolly the only person on earth who likes this track lol.

    • mrnoetol

      That’s funny, I was playin Hip Hop is Dead just two days ago and was telling my cousin how it’s bulls#it that people hate on “Who Killed It”. The concept, stories and lyrics are dope. They hate because of the accent he uses but it makes so much sense that he rap with that type of accent on that track. Song is fire.

  • donnnie

    nah i’m with you, who killed it was tight

  • virtualvenus

    Did you say great rappers….why is Drake on the list?

  • RockBottom8

    Yeah Who Killed it was str8, different concept….You Owe Me was catchy but I defiantly agree with the Jigga song, I laughed after hearing it

  • this list is stupid it there shoudl be a lil wayne track on here atleast once i mean u can find bad tracks by good rappers like nas but not one of wayne thats bullshit cuz he has atleast 8 wack songs

  • Cetitoff

    i like syllables

    • Hatawa

      I thought it was very well written too and put together- it spoke to me anyways I felt the message of the song

  • Kenneth

    No, Lupe Fiasco’s Hi-Definition was actually a good song, fucknuts.

  • MrNoetol

    Whoever wrote this is a moron. Nas doesn’t change voice in “Who Killed It”. He’s rappin in the voice of an old school detective for the whole song. And it’s a good song. Lyrically dope, great flow. The accent is different but not terrible in the context.

    Just Lose It is probably the only actually worthy song as that was actually on Em’s album and not a feature track like the weak Kesha, J-Cole crap. This list coulda been so much better.

  • deefunk

    Jeezy is a great rapper?

  • Not So Sure Anymore…

    Now I question the whole article after seeing J. Cole’s “Mr. Nice Watch”

  • Splat Nonchalant

    this is my first time on this site. saw the link for this and now im wondering if I should stay away. Im at “Syllables”, you really think this was a bad song???? Em was funny on this track and made sense, 50 came on strong after the joke hook and Ca$his and Stat Quo did there thing. message was very relevant too, especially if you listen to it today. Even the beat was cool.