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The Triumph & The Defeat: 10 Epic Maury “Who’s the Daddy?” Celebrations [VIDEO]


Since changing the direction of his daytime talk show in 1998, Maury Povich has been a daily provider of entertainment in the most ratchet variety. Unless you have been living under a rock, no in depth explanation is needed for why. Maury’s range of ridiculous segments have given the show notoriety over the years, but none garner attention, or laughs, like the infamous spot, “Who’s the Daddy?”

The phrase, “You are not the father,” now has an entirely different implication because of The Maury Show, spawning spoofs from the likes of Cam’ron and an influx of jokes from those who have witnessed the f-ckery firsthand.

Just the thought of Maury spectating, as guests point fingers at who’s to blame for the result of a night filled with alcohol and bad decisions can incite a bellow of laughter. Don’t be ashamed to say that you’ve enjoyed a laugh or two at the expense of the show’s participants. The ish is consistently utterly riduculous.

Here are a collection of 10 of the most potent paternity test reactions, or should we say “celebrations,” in most cases. Hit the jump to see the full list. As fair warning, deem this footage as NSFW. It would be impossible to contain any laughter in your place of business.

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  • too funny

  • Linda

    Funny but both the males and females should be ashamed.

    • DR.FUNK

      Nah,just the women…for being willfully IGNORANT about the multiple EFFECTIVE options for BIRTH CONTROL that are specifically designed for them.

      • Y U mad though? It IS a two way street. Were YOU one of the dudes on Maury?! ctfu