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Slight Work: 10 Companies Hiring For The Holiday Season [PHOTOS]


Black Friday is over which means that the holiday shopping  season has officially kicked off.  Several holiday jobs are up for grabs as retailers scramble to fill seasonal positions.

As of September the national unemployment rate dropped to 7.8 percent, making for the lowest figures in over three years. More than 873,000 more Americans were hired, in comparison to the month prior, and now that the holidays have arrived, the job report for the next few months will likely change.

According to a survey of over 2,4000 employers, 36 percent of retailers are looking to hire seasonal workers, up nearly 10 percent from last year.  39 percent of those surveyed plan to keep seasonal workers on staff after the holidays.

To give the unemployed a little extra push, and pocket change, Hip-Hop Wired has compiled a list of companies looking to hire employees.

Click below to view who’s hiring, and be sure to spread the word to anybody in need of work.

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  • I work at the gap and yeah they’re always hiring. This list got it right

  • Meelah

    Amazon almost always hires through temp agencies.

  • Mike11CTSV

    package’s Sporting Goods?? Couldn’t get past your own filter?

  • Busty

    Can anyone make a list for me?! I’m too lazy to click 11x!!!!