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Allen Iverson’s Atlanta Mansion Foreclosed & Up For Auction [PHOTOS]


Allen Iverson broke many ankles in the NBA, but can’t catch a break when it comes to his finances. An Atlanta mansion the former NBA All-Star and MVP owns has been foreclosed and is being put up for auction this week.

TMZ reports that the home, which Iverson purchased back in 2010 for $4.5 million in 2010, is being sold at auction on December 4th. According to records, A.I. defaulted on his mortgage payments and the property was foreclosed. The only way Iverson will be able to save his ATL crib, and all of its contents, from being sold is if he pays for it in all cash by the Tuesday deadline.

But considering the VA native with the famed money troubles is in the midst of a bitter divorce and hasn’t been dropping buckets on any pro basketball courts, that seems highly unlikely. Unless he sold A LOT of the Reebok “The Question” retros.

Speaking of questions—A.I. paid $4.5 milli for a mansion in Atlanta? His real estate agent is a world class thief. Check out photos of A.I. soon to be former home in the gallery.

Photos: TMZ

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  • Dominican kid

    Just like Evander Holyfield’s situation. I hope he can come up with the money.

  • FUGyou

    I got $1500 for it

  • Financially responsible


  • WE’re talking about practice!!!!!

  • cappersaz

    Ha ha ha…not surprising another brokeass!!

    • @ gitahead

      Yes! The word typical comes to mind. Maybe get a loan from his posse or fall back on his education. Lololololol

  • Ru

    What you morons DONT realize is…. Iverson is FINE. He has over 50 mil in a trust fund he can’t touch until 55 I believe PLUS his NBA pension. This is just a blip on his radar.

    • Greg

      AI won’t live to see 55.

  • I dnt think he’s totally broke! But he’s not ballin like he used too!!

  • Seattlesuperchronic

    Least AI-ish mansion ever. Was his roommate Laura bush?

    • Perry

      WORD! My first thoughts were…”A.I.’s house? C’mon.” He didn’t pick out a single piece of furniture in that place.

  • Seattlesuperchronic

    Not a game…

  • djb3

    Wow, what the gay?

  • QuickStep

    The thing is you’d like to feel sorry for Iverson but, this was inevitable.

  • Mike

    There’s NO WAY that’s how it is actually decorated right now. These photos must be from the original listing or somethin’ ….. that’s just ridiculous!! LOLOLOL

  • He should just buy Terrell Ownes mansion for 700K it is much nicer and has a full size indoor Basketball court. He must have had bad advice to pay that much for that place. Owens was much nicer and only cost about a third of the cost of this one originally.

  • domingusworrier

    This house aint worth 4hundred thousand in ATL! A I got ripped off!!!

  • Carlos

    Where’s the Bob Marley portrait?

  • iMLaLique

    Did this NI**A ever stay in that b*tch…i mean seriously….dude has a glass top dining room table…looks like a granny get away #IMO *Shrugs* Good luck with that…

  • geminitwinworld

    buying homes,cars and clothes giving out jobs,and being a personal ATM for your family is and should be “in check” when your famous,has anyone learned from Mc hammer at all?