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Nicki Minaj Gets Snubbed By The Grammys, Barbz Everywhere Lose Their Minds [PHOTOS]


The music world was ignited when the 55th Annual Grammy nominations were released during the Grammy Nominations Concert Live! last night. Unfortunately, for the Barbz, Nicki Minaj received zero nominations for the upcoming annual awards show.

After three nominations at last year’s show for  Best New Artist, Best Rap Performance, and Best Rap Album, the cyber world was booming with questions as to why Minaj was not recognized for a single award this time around. In April, the Queens rapper released her second LP Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded which has been certified platinum by the Recording Industry of America (RIAA) . Singles like “Starships,” Beez in the Trap,” and “Pound the Alarm,” all Billboard 200 chart toppers, went unacknowledged  by the Recording Academy.

Perhaps voters had enough when she showed up on the red carpet with a Vatican, looking like she raided Little Red Riding Hood’s closet, and performed the exorcism-themed “Roman Holiday.”

Or, maybe it was her commercial music and mainstream dive. Either way, sadly, Minaj lost.

The Young Money rapper has been quiet about her Grammy neglect but her die hard fans, are putting up a fight for her. Her co-manager, Cortez Bryant, had something to say about it too, tweeting,  “Congrats to @LilTunechi and @Drake and @Hit_Boy on their Grammy Noms butttt they was on some bullsh-t for not nominating @NICKIMINAJ.”

Click below and peep what the Barbz had to say.


Photo: Twitter/Pop Dust

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  • Sooooo????

    Ummmm…Nicki didn’t get nominated because she didn’t deserve to be nominated. Hardwork does not equal talent. Who isn’t working hard?? Duh?? That’s what she’s suppose to do. She sold out for money. Money doesn’t buy accolades nor does it buy respect. If they did, Trump would have been nominated. Make a real album. Stop all of these Pink Friday reboots. Get back to your roots. Quit this gimmicky poppy techno bull-ish. Your “barbz” may buy it, but the academy will not and neither will true hip hop fans.

    • xlnlife2012

      WELL SAID~

    • Ckt76

      You took the words right outta my mouth!

  • Renjick

    She got snubbed because she’s pathetic.

  • the barbz are morons

  • xlnlife2012

    With that stunt she pulled last year at the grammys (Making a mockery out of the Catholic Church) it’s a wonder she is not band from the ceremony. They did not forget that Ms. Minaj. Besides this year they decided to go with REAL talent, so of course she wasn’t on the list! Best of luck next year to her. It will make her grind alot harder.

  • nikkinikkinikki

    Nikki need to change her attitude…she got a big head now……people tired of her…missy elliot need to come back ….nikki took sum of her style to…missy was the first to do the funny face thing…..

  • RozClot212

    its because she FKN SUX!!..and these “Barbz” sound like her camp..they all have a RT “@minaj”..kinda like the same ones who bought 36k of her gar-baj album, hmmm?!!!

  • Britt

    HA!! Thank God!! The world is finally waking up from Nicki’s poisonous trance and realizing that this woman is straight booboo trash!! Maybe now she’ll start considering taking a couple seats…

  • he bhad

    Burning match..

  • nikkangg

    nicki minaj sucks

  • Leniese

    It’s because she’s terrible now. Nicki is a talented artist but she doesn’t care about music anymore. She was much better when she was only making mixtapes. Maybe if she actually put out something decent and put off the diva attitude, she may get respect again. She views herself too highly. I used to be a die hard Nicki fan but, after the beefs with Lil’ Kim, Mariah Carey, etc. etc., her attitude towards people, and her Starships bullcrap, I’m about done with her. I’ll just go back and listen to her music before the bullshit.

  • nic4life

    saddening ‘die hard fans neglect Nicki. Her third album is all hip hop and Nicki said she ditched the Pink Friday line of albums. Barbz are not morons, they understand Nicki when people don’t. Please stop saying she is garbage. She is going places. And btw the re-up isn’t an album. and it sold more than katy perrys re release.