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Ice-T Blasts Coco Over Inappropriate Flicks With Male Fan [PHOTOS]


The bond that is Ice-T’s relationship with his lady love, Coco, might have a few cracks in it. Ice is always vocal about his feelings for Coco, but pictures she took with a male fan has him questioning the relationship.

Ice took to Twitter Saturday (Dec. 8) to call his wife out.

In a classic tweet-and-delete move, the 54-year-old pegged his wife as being disrespectful for posing for photos with an aspiring rapper, AP-9. Ice explained that the guy pretended to be a friend of his, and called him a stalker, but after looking through the pics he changed his tone. “She made me look and feel like sh-t,” he wrote.

The pics are from Coco’s first weeks alone in S1n City.

Of course Coco is known to put her assets and implants on display just about anywere, but apparently she went too far. She started out by writing “relax” over the uproar, but realizing her wrongs, the 33-year-old also went on Twitter to apologize.”I’m sorry baby & to evryone [sic].”

Before long Coco was littered with Twitter-hate, and allegations of infidelity. Do a few pictures mean she’s cheating, or just looking for attention?

Click below to see the photos and the tweets.

Photos: BET/Bossip/Twitter

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  • dez

    I’m sorry, but that doesn’t look just like a ” fan”

    • LALiving

      Yes, he was just a f.a.n. (f*cked all night)!

  • cnn bites

    The pictures span a few days. the clothes and accessories are different. …. Coco, damn I lost all respect for you.

    • exactly that’s what I said!

    • Jennifer

      My feeling totally

  • Lol did you use to respect her?

    • cnn bites

      Yea, she was no mother Teresa but I respected her as much as any honest married woman. Now she seems like a shady trick, a blond Kardashian or a well built Paris Hilton.

    • Michelle l.

      Hahaa exactly
      you still cant turn hos into housewives

  • Surprise

    Well, these black men want and need these white women all the time so that’s what he get’s! IJS

    • manni88

      Lol the race card…classic.

    • realist

      Why’s it gotta be about color? Being a hoe isn’t for just white girls black girls can be hoes too. You sound bitter IJS

  • Bosede

    Looks like she’s burning you bro….

  • Smells of ratings ploy…. no celebrity couple would in their right mind, take those kinds of pics in public, well posed, and make public. Cmon guys, quit it w the cheap tricks. Damn

    • Done

      Yup just publicity all a game

  • Mac956

    Thats exactly what happens when you marry a chick too young for you, bro. Take it like a man and get over it!!!

    • XSean1

      nah, more like when u marry a dumb broad n her only excuse after gettn caught is im sorry. u can tell she dumb n i aint neva heard her speak before

    • XSean1

      nah, more like when u marry a dumb broad n her only excuse after gettn caught is im sorry. u can tell she dumb n i aint neva heard her speak before

      • lori

        Neva…what the hell….u speak like a very stupid person.learn the english language please…or get the hell out

      • XSean1

        Im sorry Professor I didnt know I was turning this comment in for my english exam… -________-

      • kevin kelly

        Hey, when you post ANYTHING on this site, you’re putting yourself out on front street and making yourself open game. It doesn’t mean anything personal. People just having fun, don’t worry about it. Talk is cheap.

      • kevin kelly

        You don’t exactly sound all that smart yourself…

      • bad2dabone

        After all these years being on the plant she obviously dont care bout her health let a hoe be a hoe etc: Ice T da viloating G code cuz da new jacks she better be glad dat jimmy hoffa mentality dnt come back to hunt her bag it up

    • kevin kelly

      She is Ice T’s middle age crisis. Get over her. What more do you think she has for you? She’s riding your junk all the way to the bank. People like her are a dime a dozen. Wake up!

  • true fan

    She was wrong. And if he dump her servers her right. Just disrespectful that u would even let those pics get out there she dont care

  • Sexy1

    Hey ICE.T she is your wife y u love her and i no she love u but 4 me I’m with u on this 1she “FuckUP” big time on this she no DAM well she is wrong no.doubt about it maybe u should sit this 1 out for a min.

    • Sexy1

      Ice I Have not Herd from you my Brother

  • judy ponce

    Hope you can work this out and really hope this isn’t a publicity stunt.

  • Really its called a publicity stunt

  • Swine

    Dam pimp u must of lost a step or 2

  • Big Sid

    Ice. You are the man but she messed up no doupt but that your wife pray on it and keep it moving you know Wat it about the just want to be in your shoes god is shining on u keeping moving the devil can’t win big Sid out

    • vergonia


      • XSean1

        lol dont do that, he prob acctually talks like that in real life

      • Ava

        lmao you are mean

      • XSean1

        lol dont do that, he prob acctually talks like that in real life

  • christian

    Wow. Pics say a lot. Looks like someone else is enjoying Ices’ assets.

  • Jeff

    Got mad respect for you Ice but if my wife had taken pics like these with any man she not my wife in the AM

  • lol at Ice-T. Your wife thinks that much of you? lol
    Money buys things, not love and respect. And why is she not with you? And in Vegas? Are y’all in one of “those” marriages? If so, why are you whining?

  • bmagya4ever

    Its called publicity, not intimacy. None of you will understand that concept unless you are in the public eye. Ice knows his wife and she knows him. They together are making money and together are making a life. Quit reading more into what really is there.

    • cb

      Ice is too much of a man too put his real business in public! Publicity stunt!

  • u4real

    She look like a man in the face. Time for some new girlfriends

  • Dc

    Lol what a tramp!!!!! Well done Ice this ones a keeper

  • I’m not gonna lie, I even watch their show every once in awhile. Ice is a OG don’t get me wrong but still looks better than dude in those pics. Gross. Even if dude did know Ice, why the hell was she letting him be all up on her like that? Heck, you would’ve though he was her pimp, the way they were posing smh.

  • Lc

    Lol some playa Ice T is, he got played by his man faced woman.

  • pugilist66

    Sorry Ice, but you’ve been fooled again. They ain’t just friends, unless she meant with benefits. Been there, done that lol

  • chef T

    If it ain’t PR, dump that attention craving ho! You know better, T. Can’t turn a ho into a housewife!

  • Dukeofevil

    Just ask yourself what would Eminem do And there’s your answer kill that chick ha ha!!!

  • jim

    Bottom line those pictures will always be in his head. Time to move on.coco is about to be so lo.

  • D

    In my opinion, I would have to say those pictures are VERY disrespectful. If that had been Ice T, he would be called everything except a child of God. She needs to remove those pictures ASAP and remove that gentleman from her life.

  • She’s cheating. ‘Nuff said. Time to go out and get some strange of your own ‘T’.

  • Obviously, it all about the”LBD” with her.

  • esmcc

    Fan! Yeah right. Wake up Ice.

  • Mike Bell Jr.

    Ice-T keep ya personal biz off of Twitter… You supposed to be an OG… Handle dat @ home…

  • Digtyme1

    Get rid of her she has no Respect for you.

  • me

    How is Ice T not aware that he can’t turn a hoe into a housewife…… Actually, that’s what he gets.

  • big mark in houston

    Don’t even worry about that ICE but do look into that a lil more or just keep her on a short leash. When u give ur woman a lot of time on her own, things are bound to happen.

  • kt

    She living off your fame ice. You should wake up bro. I would leave it alone. I see zero respect in those pics.

  • These are NOT innocent pics with a fan !! Ice, you deserve better !!

  • No dignity!

  • dj559


  • Mzdiana

    Can’t turn a Hoe into a Housewife!

  • Mzdiana

    I watch their show & she’s all about money & drama. He’s very good to her. Love Ice!

  • KimB

    It is called reaping what is sown. I will never understand why people can believe they can bring pain into many lives and think it will not come back to hurt them. It is all demonic when people lust after one another it is all about pleasing their flesh and not thinking about living righteous no commitment and keeping vows. It is about respecting each other in any relationship loving the person enough to not allow anyone to come in between and making the person look like a fool. It is all about having enough respect to not want to hurt your spouse. But soon she will reap as well you cause pain you receive pain it is not worth it.

  • love the females

    Ice you pay the bills her friend gets the bennies, find you a wife closer to your shade and age.

  • LMor

    Photos are too intimate to be just “innocent silly fan pics”

  • joy

    i know they will be forever happy,sometimes u have to let them feel a little jealous.thats real love baby.

  • Kidpatch

    Just another ho

  • Can’t turn a hoe into a housewife, hoes don’t act right.

  • brewey

    Ice T has thawed out over the years, reclaim the game and your fame playa.

  • Shell

    Correction: he’s getting PIMPED….

  • Valerie Rose

    Wow really Coco??

  • Sorry, but after about 3 kisses I’d be bored silly with her. She just another blonde haired, pale skinned woman. I prefer a real Black woman with natural beauty, miles deep soul and intellect to match.

  • Micb-G

    Ice is a certified Pimp so he chek hoes and marks

  • Marsz:God of War

    Hey Ice, Handle your business homes. I’m an OG too & we don’t play that sh** in Detroit, I just hope the good life ain’t made you soft. You still my boy though.

  • hoahouswyf

    Coco what u do ho.??!!

  • Polo

    I would tell her to get the f*** out my house because if there’s no trust there no love and every relationship you must establish trust

  • point of view

    It’s either publicity or adultery…Not trying to hate but the pics show intimacy not fan pics .Its one thing for a fan to kiss you,because you can’t control what someone else/fans will do.However you do control what you do so keep that thought and make of it what you will.But sometimes times time can not heal the heart of broken trust.So if it does don’t take that mans feelings and heart for granted .Respect not just a little bit its the foundation to a loving I i successful marriage.If it was innocent then I respect your apology once I’m sure you saw the moral side of his understandable argument.

  • Carlos Zuleta

    He got played

  • mary

    She thinks she is so good

  • lori

    leave her alone.i love her as a fan.and i think she is a beautiful person inside n out.stop hating.amd ice u are way cool.rocked with your songs back in the day.people need to get a grip.worry about your own life n leave them the f alone……. love u guys

  • lyssa_253

    I really think that the world should mind there own business it is between ice and coco. I don’t think everyone would want anyone weighing in on there relationship. I understand they are in the public eye but reguardless ever one should stop these bad posts for ice’s sake I think everyone should just lay it to rest they are the ones married and are adults they can handle it themselves

  • Suprmn70


  • John

    Sucks that a husband and wife can’t handle their private business in private if this was my wife taking pics like this we would have a problem

  • Did Ms. Muhammad really refer to AP.9 as an “aspiring rapper”? LOL, you’re a journalist, do your research. He’s been in the game since 1998 and a member of C-Bo’s Mob Figaz. He’s released close to nine solo albums over the past 13 years.

  • ScorpionKing

    Publicity stunt; and it seems to be working perfectly. Society is so damn nieve. I see why scam artist are so successful. Ice-T is a genuine OG. Do you really belive that T would air his dirty laundry in the streets? This is Hollywood bullshit at it’s best. Bet you can’t wait to see the next episode…LOL. My hat is off to whomever came up with this stunt. You should get a raise…shit; you should get a promotion too.

  • tiaras2006

    Black men are so pathetic nowadays.

  • D

    Coco is a hoho

  • Django

    But you say he’s just a fan. but you say he’s just a fan

  • moniquegut

    I missed the whole story….was this over a couple days time……? Seems to be a few wardrobe/makeup changes…..kinda suspect…

  • Michelle

    I think ice and coco should kiss an makeup it’s only pictures

  • Lucy

    Coco you said you can’t be away from Ice now I understand you are out of control, not respect for the man that is giving you everything. You really are too old for that. OMG she is a ho

  • Marlafb123

    This is what it’ll be like if Kanye West tries to marry KK, if it even last. She don’t tend to stay married long.

  • Yung Scrills

    I’m sorry T.. She looks like Dolph Lundren with implants.. You can do better lol

  • Sexy1

    Was he a fan

  • kevin kelly

    None of those photos show anything more intimate than fully clothed pecks on the cheek. In each one, she is looking into the camera, not at her kissy-face “fan” I think she wanted Ice T to see these. Doesn’t anybody settle their personal differences among themselves in private anymore. Why go to Twitter?

  • Jeffery Jones

    HE’s got his hands ALL OVER her ASS,yo.But what’s up with the camera?Is this payback for something Ice did.I mean it’s so”oh yeah,well two can play that game mu’fuka”.Its SOH..OVAH yo.

  • fedup

    well Ice, i hope when your “ho” got back home you at least got “da money” she was paid selling her pu&sy and for su*king di*k..if you didn’t your wife wasn’t the ony one who got f*cked….i know you ar the incredible “ice-T” the famous pimp/rapper, well sir maybe you need to get your wife in check becasue somebody else bust a nut deep inside her pu&8y……