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High Note: 10 R&B Artists Who Smoke That Green [PHOTOS]


Chris Brown: CB is known to do some trippy stuff. But if there was any doubt that Breezy puts that ganja in the air he put those all to rest when he posted pictures of him and his crew in Amsterdam getting Wiz Khalifa wasted.

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  • rilisnc1018

    What about R. Kelly?

  • Jensen P Tiddlywinks

    This has to be one of the worst articles i’ve seen. Of course everyone in rap or rnb smokes weed. You sound like a highschooler all fascinated gossiping about ‘the cool kids’ who tried a joint one time.


    seriously though, drugs are bad mmkay?
    No really they call it dope for a reason

    • Nikki

      Exactly, everybody in the entertainment industry, especially the music industry, smokes weed or does some type of drug. It is what it is. This article is pointless.