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High Note: 10 R&B Artists Who Smoke That Green [PHOTOS]


Photo: David Tulis

Bobby V: The pint sized singer looks like a innocent pre-teen, but, in 2009, a scorned jumpoff posted pictures of the singer smoking blunts in his briefs. Momma always said smoking that dope would stunt your growth.

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  • rilisnc1018

    What about R. Kelly?

  • Jensen P Tiddlywinks

    This has to be one of the worst articles i’ve seen. Of course everyone in rap or rnb smokes weed. You sound like a highschooler all fascinated gossiping about ‘the cool kids’ who tried a joint one time.


    seriously though, drugs are bad mmkay?
    No really they call it dope for a reason

    • Nikki

      Exactly, everybody in the entertainment industry, especially the music industry, smokes weed or does some type of drug. It is what it is. This article is pointless.