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Man Executed In Midtown NYC Was Allegedly An Aspiring Rapper [PHOTOS]


Yesterday, a man walking on 58th St. near 7th Avenue in midtown NYC was shot in the head and killed execution style. As details begin to emerge, we learn that the victim was Brandon Lincoln Woodard; a Los Angeles native and reportedly an aspiring rapper.

The New York Post reports that the 31 year-old Woodard had just left a hotel around 2pm when he was walking on West 58th St and texting. The triggerman ran up behind Woodard, shot him in the head, then ran into a waiting car, a “light colored sedan.” Woodard, the father of 4 year-old, fell with blood spewing from his face in front of the St. Thomas Choir School at 202 W. 58th St.

Woodard was DOA after being rushed Roosevelt Hospital.

The nature of the shooting has lead authorities to believe this was a hit. Woodard, who NY1’s sources say was an aspiring rapper, was charged with coke possession in California last year and has priors for robbery and petty theft. He also claimed to have been roughed up by Usher’s bodyguard years ago.

The New York Daily News reports:

He got in a scrap with a bodyguard for R&B star Usher at a Las Vegas concert in 2004 — accusing the bodyguard of giving him a wedgie so severe that he bled. “That was one of the more creative descriptions of getting thrown out of a place I have ever heard,” the bodyguard, Elijah Shaw, said Monday night. Woodard served time on a battery rap.

He was due in court on Jan. 22 in Beverly Hills on a felony cocaine possession charge, officials said. In 2009, he pleaded no contest to a felony and a misdemeanor hit-and-run charge, and in 2008 he pleaded no contest to two misdemeanor counts of theft for stealing from a Whole Foods and another upscale market. In 2009, he was wanted for stealing wine from a supermarket near Los Angeles. He led a chase into a neighboring town and escaped.

However, relatives back West was back on the straight and narrow. According the New York Times, Woodard graduated from Loyola Marymount University in 2003 and recently transferred to the University of West Los Angeles Law School from Whittier Law School in California.

See photos from the crime scene and of Brandon Lincoln Woodard in the gallery.

Photo: NY Daily News, NY Post

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  • Congolia Breckenridge

    Oh well.

  • brandy prater

    Why does his criminal history matter? When u die are they gonna lay all ur bad on the table!

    • TL Dragon

      It matters because it’s a key componant in determining who killed him and why. It’s not so much about his character, as his life and who was in it, or out of it.

      • Bill Washington

        and only done to people of color

      • Bill Washington

        but who cares——do what you like.

    • OG D-Bo

      I know huh…

  • Lost n the system


    • higgy

      Ebonics works proof above

    • Bill Washington


  • Agentxyz

    He has street cred

  • Gwats1957

    Looks like he found Jesus a little late, and a life of petty theft caught up to him. Not all of us clean it up before we pay the man.

  • Lived a rapper life style then died oh well. No loss

    • allen

      You are an idiot any life taken is a loss the way they live it doesn’t matter. It’s people like you that makes the world so horrible go kill your self. What do you do that makes your life more important then the next? Your a nobody Eric Williams just an ignorant fool keep your comments for the kkk meetings you must be a member.

      • real man

        This guy was a joke. He was a low life petty criminal and he got shot. Using the term executed
        Is insulting to more important people that have been killed. I feel bad for his child for having him for a father in the first place. Stop getting mad at white people for speaking the truth. There is nothing wrong with calling a spade a spade.

    • Hijabones

      FYI. Lifestyle is one word.

      • nocamo33

        So is irrelevant.

  • TSH

    Illuminati victim

    • erniefrank

      Yuuuuup. His goings on were much bigger than these petty little scraps. That plus his employees didn’t want him making it to court. The killer won’t be caught.

    • real man

      There is no way the Illuminati cared about that guy.

  • tommie451

    That was very disrespectful shooting the poor rapper in front of a school. If they catch the guy they should add on extra time for that. Plus extra for the gun too.

  • Bull Conner

    Ni=qq=ers are subhuman..

    • James Hawkins

      Crackers are the biggest murderers in the world so if any body is subhuman its you pale MF’s.

      • FAUXHAWK70

        Nice! -And whites are accused of being ignorant racists!

        Makes perfect sense now!

    • FAUXHAWK70

      Nice! It’s people like you that make good white people like me look bad!

      Stay classy you ignorant fool!

    • PrayingMother

      You should pray for your soul. God don’t judge by colors because he created them all and equally, so how subhuman are you..May God forgive your empty mind for his people…

      • nocamo33

        Your speech is so gracious in the face of hatred. Clearly you practice this: “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

    • shakingmyhead

      So glad you understand what you are. 🙂

    • nocamo33

      Aww shuddup…you are going the way of the dinosaur…

  • warms my heart every time i see an “aspiring rapper” assume room temperature.

    • nocamo33

      You are why people feel so slighted at work that they start blasting up the place.

  • ladylove

    It hurts to read things like this day after day, may god help his family through this

  • Mr Ripper

    Wow a law school student and all you can do is judge him on his past. Sad.


    So let me get this straight… Most people in California are NOT allowed to get a concealed weapons permit and carry in public legally but as usual only the criminals have the weapons!

    Hmmm. Wake up liberals!

  • Givenofucks

    U all r dumb fucks.. I hope u all die a slow death

  • L.Ferreira

    For all of you who are putting bs on here about this young man, you need to grow the f up! He was a human being just like all of us. I bet he accomplished more in his life than most of you trying to put him down. May God guide his family through this difficult time. He is in paradise now. Enjoying the best life ever.

  • exorcist

    Aspiring worm food. Thank you crime fighter

    • nocamo33

      Excorcise yourself.

  • Rats eating Rats,, no loss