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March was one helluva month Hip-Hop Wired FAM.

After reigning supreme over the game for the past two years, sadly we saw Lil Wayne start his prison bid. So much for the weed carriers stepping up on the team.

But fortunately the workaholic went in and recorded so much music and videos before he left that we’ll hardly notice he’s gone for the next several months.  The Birdman even spoke with Hip-Hop Wired  about this unfortunate incident and how they’ll maintain with Weezy F. Baby gone.

Birdman Speaks On Lil Wayne’s Jail Sentence [Video]

Despite that downer,  we also saw some major glimpses of hope for the game as Diggy Simmons made it official that he was the heir to the throne as he signed with Atlantic Records. With an ill flow and swagg to match, Young Simmons might be the boy who’ll one day be king.

Diggy Simmons:  Made You Look Freestyle [Video]

And speaking of Kings, we continued to educate as we also took at look at the once powerful Five Percenter influence on Hip-Hop and how to help bring a positive balance back to the game.

Lord knows it’s needed.

The GODS of Hip-Hop:  A Reflection On the Five Percenter Influence On Rap Music & Culture

We also celebrated Women’s History Month and took a look at the dormant female Hip-Hop genre.

Ladies we’ve gotten your emails and comments and we agree, there needs to me more femme fatales in Hip-Hop and with a balance of subject matter to go around too.  The same way Nas can co-exist with Soulja Boy, there needs to be balance of Nicki Minajs and Lil Kims to the Lauryn Hills and Queen Latifahs.

With that said, Hip-Hop Wired is making it our mission to find more female MCs so if you know or are one of these hidden jewels, get at us and help showcase these sisters in their proper light.

Who You Calling A BIT*H?  A Discussion On Female Roles In Hip-Hop

As we roll into April, we’ve got more in store for you as we take a look at some of the hottest MCs from the New West Movement as well as a few veterans ready to lay their mark back on the game.

Taking it back to the east my brother, we’ll also check in with C-n-N as well as take some insightful looks at  Black conservatives and a few revolutionaries and what some of these guys have in common.  I guarantee you won’t believe it.

As always, thanks for the continued support and helping us reach new heights and letting us edutain you.

Each 1, Teach 1…

Michael “Ice-Blue” Harris
Hip-Hop Wired Operations Manager

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