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New Jersey “Prince Pimp” Gets 18 Years For Human Trafficking


A convicted pimp in New Jersey who identifies himself as “Prince” has been sentenced to 18 years behind bars for running a human trafficking and prostitution ring.

Allen “Prince” Brown will be in jail till his 60th birthday after pleading guilty to enslaving girls as young as 17 and forcing them to turn tricks.

Prosecutors say Brown forced the women to make at least $500 a night on weekdays and $1000 on weekends or they were denied entry into his upscale home, beaten or denied drugs.

He also reportedly extorted a woman for $600,000 of her inheritance money and handcuffed and forced a woman to become a heroin addict for not wanting to sell herself.

The New Jersey Journal reports that when he appeared in court he told his lawyer, “I’m tired of your bullShyte” and showed his shock over his 18 year prison sentence saying, “18 years?!”

What is going on with his hair???!

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  • charlieblanko


  • Sinister

    You can clearly see he’s a Beyotch and I guarantee he won’t be going for his in the pen but trying to save his!

  • …judging by his hairstyle now HE will be getting pimped

  • michael campbell

    18 years is too much. Its not like he killed anyone. Come on!!!!

    • Melyssa Johnson

      18 years is too much. Its not like he killed anyone. Come on!!!!
      » by michael campbell 5/21/10, 18:24:pm Profileview profile | Reply

      My only response to you Mr. Campbell is would you feel the same if it was your sister, your mother or your daughter? Would you really get a good night sleep knowing that your loved one is being beaten and forced to do drugs get addicted and on they way of dying a suffering death overdosing, std’s or HIV/AIDS. Mr. Campbell I will pray for your soul because it not knows your thoughts and if your soul is aware and allows you to live in that type of the world, well then…smh

  • daphne brown

    this piece of a man looks like a damn fool!!!judge says:18 years. vampimp says:18 years, then what i gotta do???? LMAO, payback is a motha vampimp brotha!!!

  • Dennis the dentist

    Upscale home. he is missing the quarter section panel of his teeth. Why didn’t he fix that with all that upscale cash he had?

  • lmao@ Dennis

  • Atl’s Fynest

    He couldn’t pimp his way out of a paper bag lol. He is a hot ghetto mess and that’s exactly where his picture is about to get submitted to! Lmao @ Dennis…you are so right about those teeth, nothing about those teeth says “upscale” to me, he doesn’t have a molar left in his head! And if this is how he looks, I can only imagine what condition his “hoes” were in lol…

  • Lee

    What a sad, sorry excuse for a person…

  • king corday 585

    Every woman has thought about selling P…y @ least once in there like. 4 rent or car payment or 4 food , it just another job. then do it on the west coast an it leagl , we need 2 make it legal on the east coast an Drugs all kind i’ll give it 3 more yrs

  • Lovesong12

    LMBO!!!! HE IS SOOO OUT OF COMPLIANCE….AND 18 YRS AINT ENOUGH..What if it were ur child forced to prostitute ?? u wouldnt be singing the same song!!

  • Real Talk USA

    He’s a tranny with no teeth. Bout to be somebody’s wifey up in there. Hope he packs his high heels. And hope somebody introduces his butt to a broom stick.

  • Jamal

    I think he lost his teeth in jail, not on the streets. He probably got a taste of what he can look forward to in the pen… That is why he was shocked about getting 18 years. Now he is going to go from being called “Prince” to being called “Princess”. Let’s see how he likes being forced to sell his body or get beaten.

  • Chillychiz


  • Nikia

    Never in my life have i ever seen someone purposely squiggle their hair across their forehead like this. And I’m glad he got 18 years but what about the drug addicted women hes leaving behind? I hope that luxorious home is paid for.

  • BABY J

    He’s the truth – he’ll have the guards and the warden turning tricks in no time. Wait… never mind. LOL. Baby J

  • mrs.mcdonough

    Him a pimp it’s so unreal look at him!!!! Guess its not really pimpin pimpin [smh]

  • Lez

    Thinking of all the lives he has ruined… through these women and there families who did not know where they were.. he should get life… get his a$$ out there and pimp himself.. creep



  • Rawdog34

    This cat looks like Bruce Elroy with a combover.

  • fourplay4a

    REAL pimps don’t need to drug their hoes to make them stay and prostitute, beat them or force them to sell themselves. So many wannabe pimps who are drug pushers, violent wannabe thugs and or “rap” artist. These are the culprits who give pimping a bad name. Its rather comical but sad as well. The real pimps (or gentleman of lesiure) are caring business people whose hoes adore them and do their females justice i.e. nice crib to lay their head, regular medical and hygiene treatments, enforcer so no one will F*** with them, have them dressed well, money in their pockets and provide theraputic conversations when needed. Just as a head of a bordello would be in Vegas. No intelligent pimp will want a hoe who is on drugs. It isn’t a good investment and brings many problems (legal and social). It is hoods/thugs,and some entertainers like this “prince” (who is really a clown as far as I’m concerned not a prince) that gives pimping a bad name. Tough enough being a pimp without the world viewing this fool and clown as one. So many bad or terrible so call pimps that really aren’t pimps at all.He clearly isn’t a pimp and a borderline human being. Enough said…

  • Oh, and one more question: Why didn’t he spend his hairdo money on his freaking TEETH! Bro, fix your grill! HEHEHEHEHE

  • yo

    now you have got to be kidding… what the hell is wrong with you women.. who and the hell would allow some m&&&&& f&%&% like that to pimp them..and bro maybe once you go to jail you can get those jacked up teeth fixed and get your hair cut.. dammmmm !!!

  • …if anybody has been pimped it was HIM, now he needs to pimp slapp Sammie the hairdresser and Dennis the dentist…at the same time because they have been playing games with him apparently.

  • t

    LMAO!!!. they had this dude on yahoo.. why was his picture on yahoo’s main page? they just like to show the bad but i dont think he’s gay. just a pimp. thy always look stupid even tho he’s atking it to new heights…lol…

  • Distressed

    Will anyone think of the fact that these woman (a mother, a sister, or etc) who were already suffering from low self-esteem had been forced into this! Do we care so little about them, that you don’t really see things for what it really is… A man with control issues that preys on the weak! the same thing that drug dealers do. They prey on people when they are at their weakest! When will this stop!? When we don’t have respect for every member of the human race what can you expect?! It is WRONG!!! Treat others as you would like to be treated! And all I can say is what goes around, comes around in due time!

  • Mike

    He’s going to be someones *itch in jail.

  • Of course we feel sorry for the women, but they choose their own undoing unless he held a gun to their head, made them do it and never ever left their side not even for 5mins then they could’ve ran away, faught back, screamed for help…etc
    Weak minds allow strange things to happen as for him most dudes that do this use many forms of control to get chicks to do these things. Could’nt be me i would’ve tried to fight back or run…something other than just taking it.

  • FYI…….. Dude died 2 weeks ago from Cancer.