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If NBA Players Were Rappers Who Would They Be?: NBA Finals Edition


Is it just me or does every NBA baller want to be a rapper, and every rapper want to be a baller?

With the month of June filled with the NBA finals and releases from some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop, let’s just pretend for a minute rappers were ballers, which ones would they be?

Here’s what I think a couple of the players in the NBA finals would be if they were rappers.

Rajon Rondo – Drake

Let’s be real, both of these dudes were mainstream unknown a couple years ago. Now, it feels like both of these guys are considered top 3 in the game today at their positions. Rondo like Drake is everywhere and cannot be avoided, whether it’s scoring major points like Drake’s “Over” or passing dimes like Drake has with features on every other song you hear. These two young guns have been called the future of their games and it’s obvious to see why.


Kobe Bryant- Jay-Z

Now I know immediately many of yall are thinking Kobe=Lil Wayne, however Kobe unlike Wayne avoided jail so just hear me out for one second. Even though Jay-Z and King James may be homies, Kobe and Jay-Z have a lot it in common. Both are praised or hated for their work and their cocky attitudes, have always been compared to others their whole career (Jay-Z/Biggie or Kobe/Jordan) and both have numbers that prove their great status whether its rings or albums. Even though both are also known for having great teammates that ended in a horrible split (Jay/Dame, Kobe/Shaq) Hov and Kobe both are two of the greatest who have ever done it, while still on their mission to be crowned the greatest.  Oh yeah, and both of their women are ridiculously fine!

“Rulers Back”

Ron Artest- Kanye West

Does this one need an explanation? Both Artest and Kanye were known as some of the best at their traits and could not be touched with. Whether it was Artest’s defense or Kanye’s sampling, both were masters at two very important parts of each game. However, I think it’s obvious why these two connect, they are both NUTS! Whether it’s Artest punching fans out or Kanye cursing fans out, both of these egotistic maniacs have had their fair share of bizarre moments that separate them from others. Also, the hair doesn’t help either.

“I had dreams of  the league, one day I’d play Kobe”

Ego Remix”

Ray Allen – Nas

Ray Allen and Nas have probably been the most two consistent players in the game at what they do. From day one we knew that Ray Allen had a stroke and fast forward 50 years later (ok maybe not 50 but it feels like it) Ray is still considered the best 3 point shooter in the league and perhaps the 2nd greatest of all time only to fall behind Reggie Miller. Compare that to Nas, who came in with a classic album and crowned one of the greatest lyricist of all time only to fall short of a few legends, it’s easy to see why these two are both considered future hall of famers in their game and show no sign of slowing down.

“Got Yourself a Gun” (Get it?)

Pau Gasol – Eminem

Let’s face the facts; some players in the league require specific game plans just to deal with them. Although he may not have been all strung out on drugs and has baby mama drama, Pau Gasol would easily be Eminem. Just like no one wants to guard Pau Gasol, nobody wants to put out an album around the time Eminem does. Em and Pau both share a trait that many other players have trouble finding, the put back. Whether it’s the game winning tip or the 8,374,3847 (exaggerated again) number 1 album, Pau and Eminem are pointless to even try and “Block ou.t”

“Not Afraid”

Although there are many other players/rappers to name, let’s see what your team looks like Hip-Hop heads. Remember, this is just MY opinion so please don’t start a internet bash over it. Comment and let us know what rappers you think NBA ballers like Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Lamar Odom would be if they put down the ball and picked up a mic.

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    This is very nice Jason and i agree with them all… I think the funnist one was Artest and West!!! lol

  • Dub

    Eminem and tha birdman chris anderson can be similar cuz they both crazy, drugged out, and wierd lookin….but both really good at what they do. Eminem rapping & Birdman flyin n blocking shots like he got wings.

  • Immer

    Good comparisons. (Especially the case for Jay-Z and Kobe. I didn’t consider that one; I would have gone with the immediate LeBron relation.)

    I think the Pau Gasol/Eminem comparison is a bit of a stretch though.

  • Major Glory

    LMAO at that Ron Artest Kanye one! You a fool for that pic and that song!

  • Rah

    i got another one paul pierce and fabolous….both were consistently great throughout their career and just needed a little help to take the game over.

  • d.

    This is kind of stupid.

  • redcora


  • YB

    I’d say Game would be LeBron

  • LZ

    Jason Maxiell actually looks like Nas

  • Deematrix

    If you want to say look a like it derek fish and common….lol

  • Phillip

    Drake should be compared to Kevin Durant. Both are up and coming SUPERSTARS that are versatile. KD is almost a 7 footer that can do it all with the rock. Drake is a good rapper with pretty good singing skills.

  • Phillip

    Comparing Kanye West to Ron Artest is a stretch. I can see that, maybe because of the honesty both of them have, but as far as success, Kanye has 14 grammys and all albulms are certified platinum except for 808s which is gold. Ron has one ring where he is like the fifth or six option and does not always lock down his defender.

  • Phillip

    Pau Gasol and Em is just stupid. How about Larry Bird and Em.

  • Phillip

    Kevin Garnett will be 50 Cent. Paul Pierce is Fabolous