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Michael Jackson’s Gravesite Vandalized [Photos]


The resting place of the late Michael Jackson is being vandalized by a group of rampant fans that wrote messages to the King of Pop in permanent marker.

Michael Jackson was laid to rest in Los Angeles at Forest Lawn Cemetery’s “Great Mausoleum” after dying last June of cardiac arrest.

According to TMZ, fans have been writing on a window outside where MJ is entombed in hard-to-spot areas including under ledges and spots hidden by bushes.

The messages say various things including “Keep the Dream Alive”, “We Miss You Sweet Angel” and one that reads,

“Never believe what you Fawking hear and only believe half of what you Fawking see.- Michael Jackson”

A rep for Forest Lawn tells TMZ,

“Activity such as this, is a prime example why we are evaluating the level of access to the various entrances of the Great Mausoleum.”

Anyone caught vandalizing the mausoleum will reportedly be banned for life.

The Official Michael Jackson Fans Of Southern California have volunteered to clean up the area to avoid Jackson fans being banned from the cemetery all together.

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  • baybaybay

    Forest Lawn has some of the biggest names ever to grace the screen and stage so what is up with their security? That place should be as secured as Fort Knox.

  • MJ4EVR

    I thought MJ was in a place where his gravesite was off limits to the public.

  • THey should put a big pexiglass signing board outside so people can express themselves, it can be cleaned off with windex.

  • They should make a big pexiglass guest book for fans to use, then wipe it clean with windex when its full.

    • Dirty Diana…Let Me Be ♪

      @ sowhat

      that’s a good idea