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Shots Fired: Kid Cudi Calls Wale Wack, Says He And Kanye Don't Fawk With Him


Kid Cudi is taking shots at his old accomplice Wale.

The two rappers who were once thought to be good friends are apparently at a war of words with Cudi lashing out at Wale for being “wack” and insisting that he and Kanye are not fans of his music.

In an interview with Complex, Cudi states that’s he’s “incomparable” to any other rapper and he didn’t take too kindly to a post the D.C. rapper penned comparing himself and his peers to different genres of sports.

Did you see that Wale interview that he just did, comparing us to sports? Let me clear this up: I’m incomparable to anybody. I don’t care how people take that. No one can compete with me.

I’m unFawkwittable; no one can knock me off my Shyte. I’m an unstoppable force, I’m a bullet. My trajectory is to the sky. N*ggas got to do something really spectacular to Fawk with me and my realm, and n*ggas be so bitter that you hear it in their voice.”

When Complex asks Cudi his thoughts on a line Wale dropped in a freestyle referencing to that infamous incident where Cudi punched a fan on stage, a noticeably agitated Cudi calls Wale “wack” saying,

It wasn’t a shot, it’s just a simple-a** rhyme by a simple-a** rapper. You can’t let that Isht faze you. That’s one of those raps that just shows the world that you wack. Why would you even use that as a metaphor? Everybody think they Hov. N*ggas ain’t got the magic like they think they do; there’s only a couple of wizards in this game. I’m a wizard and I know it.”

Cudi also made sure to add in one more jab at the D.C. rapper, this time about his references to Kanye West on tracks. According to Cudi, he and his G.O.O.D. music head don’t “Fawk with him musically” and Wale should be less thirsty.


“The last album, I let people dis me, throw out those jabs in their verses and have their little slick remarks. This time around, I’m not Fawking around. I have no time to think about other n*ggas. These other mother*ckers like feeding off another n*gga’s energy, so they mention their name.

You hear me talk about n*ggas? I don’t even talk about Kanye, and that’s my homeboy! They talk about Kanye like they’re bosom buddies with this n*gga. Talking about “I be in Hawaii”—man, shut the Fawk up, why you got to tell everybody everything?

Then people like Wale get mad that ‘Ye ain’t give him no beats—’Ye ain’t give you no beats because we ain’t Fawking with your raps. It’s not a conspiracy theory. We don’t Fawk with you musically, so we’re not going to provide music for you.

The Shyte is a service, it’s a quality of a certain standard. N*ggas are just so thirsty it’s ridiculous. I’ve been eating humble pie forever, and people still call me an a**hole. These people don’t know my Fawking life—now I’m going to give them something to talk about.”

Wale subliminally addressed his issues with Cudi on his track “Numbers One” from his More About Nothing mixtape saying,

“Maybe it’s on me or brother it’s on you/ Or maybe it’s they fault that we ain’t holla since June/Fawk it we on the move/None of us tryna lose/I am outta this world and you are a ‘Man on The Moon’.”

Shots fired!

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  • Kiss and make up already

  • That’s right..

    *uck Cudi…he’s a package lick!

  • brownskinned

    Cant stand Cudi! look like he riding Kanye Nuts to me!

  • today

    wow that was a hot line at the end.. both these cats are garbage..

  • dub c

    Cudi sounds very grade schoolish, “You can’t play with me and my friends, we don’t like you anymore” Grow up! get a life, get some rhymes and built a career. You have yet to do anything really significant, you’re a new booty…lets start with a real fan base first…thats what you should be in the pursuit of!

  • n*pleez

    Wale is the truth. Cudi?… not so much.

  • Keepnit100

    Sorry but Cudi is garbage from a lyrical standpoint in comparsion to Wale…he need to step his game up before going on Wale

  • ReJeanne

    No lie,
    I coped Cudi cd and blasssssted it!!! When it ended, I tossed that POS out of my car…
    Never again will I purchase anything from him…#POW

  • NoPainNoLove

    To add on to the comment above, Wale is good, but G.O.O.D. music would rip him up and make him look like a fool.

  • Concerned

    I like Wale’s new album , but Cudi is way more popular! And yeah, both of their comments are childish!

  • BlackRoses

    I ♥ Kid Cudi.!!! Wale can never compare to what Cudi does on a track.!

  • Cudi is the type of man I fall hard for….

  • This may be an interesting battle between the two because they will keep it a lyrical battle and go hard at each other. I like both of them for different reasons so let’s see how they match up in battle-mode.



    both wack to me. cudi got more fans but das cuz whiteboys like his ish. wale spit a lil better tho and cudi sing to damn much

  • sweet smile

    why is cudi speaking for kanye. he keeps saying we will never mess with him. i believe kanye can speak for himmself!

  • Babeyouradream

    i read this with my mouth wide open…….first off cudi is awesome production wise, his music (music not lyrics) is undoubtedly on a different level from other stuff out…it goes with out saying Kanye is the king of that. But i personally think cudi was totally wrong for what he said about wale, wale just doesn’t seem to have the opinion of cudi so he sounds like a absolute as*hole for going so hard on him.Wale is extremely talented lyrically and is really slept on he’s also a very likable guy i just couldn’t imagine him dissing cudi so hard if given the chance…. cudi is lame for this to me.

  • sean

    man i dont think people on here seem to realize that Cudi is damn near world wide status. he doin colabs with big industry cats. i am not talking bout industry cats that most blacks know about either. we all know the facts. whites buy way more music than blacks. and guess what? his focus is that group that buys music. if he wanted to be street i dont believe he would do the type of music he is doing. so on that note Wale is far far from where cudi stands.

  • royskii

    I read a lot of the comments and I’ve come to the conclusion that alot of people comment with a one sided state of mind. To really comment on these two artists you have to kno about there music that’s not on a album that usually only fans of that artist kno about and there music that every one knows. For example No Hands and pursuit of happiness. Then on the other hand there mixtapes that know one really was hip to until maybe just recently like Wales back to the feature and Cudi’s A kid Named Cudi. Both of the artists were slept on and both of these artists are basically apart of a different sub-genre of hip hop which makes them hard to compare. Cudi has new music… and wale just got big hype off of More About Nothing. And in this so called beef I think Cudi over reacted and Wale is thinking like he’s better then he is… because wale really hasn’t done anything significant so far. I think this is a dumb beef that should be terminated for the sake of both these artists short earned careers. I am a big Fan of both but I think in reality.

  • Smh…Wale & Cudi are both Great lyricist…But all this this? Nawww…just make ya music and keep it moving y’all…. #DONTFEEDTHEMEDIA