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NFL Player Shaun Smith Accused of Grabbing Opponent's Crotch During Game


Football is known as a contact sport but one NFL lineman is claiming that an opposing player took that sentiment a little too far.

Brown’s center, Alex Mack accused Kansas City defensive lineman Shaun Smith of grabbing his crotch during Cleveland’s 16-14 loss to KC on Sunday.

Mack was so infuriated by the illegal hold that he chased Smith to KC’s sideline before turning back to his own sideline for the ensuing punt.

Mack then gestured to officials and pointed at Smith, but no infraction was called.

The play apparently amped Mack up to the point that he committed an unnecessary roughness penalty when he hit linebacker Derrick Johnson after the whistle on Cleveland’s next offensive series.

When questioned about the incident after the game, Smith had this to say,

“I don’t have no comment. I don’t recall doing anything like that. I’m not known for being a dirty player or anything like that, so I don’t know what that was all about.”

Smith played two seasons for the Browns before he was released last year, eventually getting picked up by Kansas City.

The incident was still seared on Mack’s mind yesterday,

“I don’t think he should be able to do that. I’m still fired up about it.”

Alex Mack

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  • Anti-believer

    wooo kinky!!!

  • fuhku2

    He looks like a filthy crotch grabber.

  • No excuses for that one. If they can pull that up on film, Shaun Smith should at least be suspended for a game.


  • Michael

    Well not to say its ok, but don’t they wear cups so he should not have been able to. Plus look at that a team that lost crying about cheating when he himself hit Derrick Johnson and got called for it. I say if Smith did do it even if its on tape you would still have to prove he meant to. No matter Chiefs are still 3 and 0.