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10 Memorable Celebrity Kisses


While some celebs shy away from personal displays of affection, other couples like Kanye and Amber and T.I. and Tiny are known to stake their claim in the public eye.

Add in paparazzi, publicity stunts and photo opps and you’ve got our 10 memorable celebrity kisses below.

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  • shebad

    I thought halle n jamie were cute! But yooo wtf bout li wayne n baby? Hadnt heard that! Thats NOT normal! And trey is kissin too many ladies!?! The kissin ppl he dont kno worries me too

    • ggdd

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  • juliemango

    Lovin d amye kisses!!!

  • True

    What happy to kiss with Jamie Fox n Fantasia at the BET awards a few yrs ago, MJ n Lisa Marie at the VMS,Britney n Madonna?? Those shouldve been on the list!

  • True

    Ooops meant to say “happen”

  • Shannon

    What happened to Jamie and Fantasia at the BET awards?

  • OK!

    Wow, dont remember seeing that episode of 106. Now I see why lil wayne REALLY likes to call Bird Man DADDY. To each its own…I guess.

  • OK!

    Jamie looks dirty

  • ladylocs

    The one of Jamie & Halle should have been #1..they both had a handful!!lol

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  • Michelle Ward6