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Kat Stacks Disses Toya Carter, Calls Her An “Insecure Beyotch”


Add Lil Wayne’s ex wife, Antonia Carter to the list of people industry jump off Kat Stacks has exchanged heated characters with on Twitter.

The two got into a slight tift over the Stacks’ comments about the reality star’s fiancé MempHitz from BET.

“@Ihatekatstacks: Just me Mephitz from @BET…he sexxy 🙂

@antoniacarter: I kno and all Mine. Thanks :-)”

As recently reported, Stacks got into a war of words with Houston rapper Slim Thug after direct messages from the rapper’s Twitter account showing him declining advances from super groupie were leaked online.

She also outed singer Jeremih for propositioning her on the social network site before dissing her and calling her “weird.”

Check out the lady’s war of words below.

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  • koffybrown

    UMMMM!!! NEXT.

  • Jaime

    Like Toya the only female who hasn’t changed her last name after marriage. That’s what real women do for their children to avoid unnecessary questions. And at least Toya is going about her business in a respectable way. I have no use for either of them either, but I have a lot more respect for Toya. Thats for damn sure

  • jj

    wow katt stacks is crazy let quit beefin n get cho money girl she is a true hoodrat!

  • Huny

    Stop givin this chick attention! She’s nobody!

  • mz_beijhing

    lmao @ stackz. get ya life together ma!

    • belicia1223

      well to everybody you need to STOP drinkin the haterade because she is smart and kool and she look good and yall just mad because is got moneya nd yall dont and she got a kool lil girl and that just that………………..

  • Kim

    Will i fell kat stack because no body told toya to retweet that so there is some insur there and come why she all way put some line that wanye said and i think memphitz was mad toya for doing some thing so childish every body now all dating