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Kanye To Premiere Five ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted’ Fantasy Covers


Def Jam hating on Kanye’s artistic swagger? No matter, in a recent interview Yeezy says the his new album will contain multiple covers.

At the premier for his short-film Runaway, Yeezy told MTVnews,

“Well, actually, it’s five covers. And you get all five of them when you buy the album.”

He also scoffed at the notion that the original cover, banned by his home label Def Jam, was meant to cause a stir over it’s controversial painting saying,

“Me and [the cover artist] express ourselves in our truest image, not based on what society or culture feels is right…I thought the colors were amazing and the imagery was amazing. I though it was a cool, awesome cover.”

Will the other covers be raunchier than the first? Ye didn’t give any details.

As recently reported, Kanye leaked the original cover art for his new album online last week, venting that Def Jam had banned the image because of its controversial artist rendition of a half naked woman straddling a monster.


West’s fifth studio album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is due in stores November 22 and is said to contain features from Common, Dwele, John Legend, Pusha T, Rick Ross, Drake, Nicki Minaj and Jay-Z with production from Q-Tip, Premier, Pete Rock and RZA.

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  • oOneMISisOo

    Man let kanye as an individual and an artist express himself how he wants if he titles it dark and twisted of course the cover will imply both things why does everyone get so booty hurt over things out of the norm?

  • DeeWizz

    Kanye needs to cut this crap now..were sick of it all..get back to music and stop venturing into dark and murku waters #ThatIsBloodClaatAll