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T-Pain Fires Back At Critics Over Michael Jackson “P.Y.T” Remake [Audio]


Singer T-Pain has received a lot of opposition to his auto-tuned re-make of Michael Jackson’s 1983 hit “P.Y.T” for Quincy Jones’ tribute album Q: Soul Bossa Nostra.

Pain recently vented his frustrations about the people voicing their disagreement with his redo and revealed that the late MJ himself requested his services for the track saying,

“For all the ppl that hate mr for ruining pyt just stop listening to my Shyte. But if Quincy jones tell you he want you to do something, no matter how much shot you know ur gonna get from the dumb a**es in the world, you god damn do it. The Fawked up thing is everybody being so kind to mj after he’s gone, but how can you wish a man to rest in peace when you never gave him peace in a life time?

I had the pleasure of meeting MJ and when I left his house I got a call from his lawyer telling mr that MJ wanted me to remake that song. So everybody that’s being overly disrespectful, you don’t have to like me at all, but you also can keep that bullShyte to yourself.”

Teddy P went on to give his detractors some alternatives to spewing negative energy his way, saying,

“Like I said I’m making it my job to stay positive on twitter but this is why the image of my ppl is so Fawked up cuz we all are to envious and jealous of each other to get passed anything.

In conclusion, if you don’t like what I do then stop listening to it, if somebody tells you that my Shyte is wak, why would you go and try to find it? Just stay off my timeline and my package and get YO Shyte together, obviously I’m str8 yasimelike.”

Quincy Jones’ album Q Soul Bossa Nostra hits shelves November 9.

It features re-makes of classic songs associated with the legendary producer, recorded by contemporary artists including, Akon, Snoop Dogg, Jamie Foxx, Ludacris, John Legend, Jennifer Hudson and more.

T-Pain’s fourth studio album RevolveR is set for a 2011 release.
Listen to his “PYT” remake with Robin Thicke below.


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  • Anti-believer

    First of all T-pain, just because Quincy or Mj asked you to do it doesn’t mean you should. I’m sure someone in your life time asked you to do something and it wasn’t right or necessary to do.

    Second, ni66a… I didn’t go looking for it. Gossip websites announced you did the song and I came across it by accident. I love the original song. So, listening to a remix version would be likely from my stand point.

    Third, don’t get mad at us because you fvckd it up.

    Fourth, notice… nobody is mad at Robin Thicke for his singing.

  • Anti-believer

    *No body


    I like it… But i love good music so to me it was cool. Haters are haters TP don’t waste your energy on that sh!t just keep makin’ the hits… And realize you’ve been killin’ em for a while and in current black culture people love to hate, so the natives are restless and want a new n!cca to hate on….

  • Pam

    T-Pain, it”s not r fault that ur not talented lol!! and the song would be ok just w/Robin Thicke but you, ur a “BUFFOON”

  • the raptrist

    t-pain is very talented. He would not be where he’s at if he wasn’t. Quit hatin!!!! The song is great… And I would never turn down those legends… Period.

  • SEV



    N*gga be mad at urself

  • A person with sense

    Well…the proof will be in the sales…how much did the ‘We Are The World’ remake sell?

    When those numbers come in, lets see his comments then about BP because it’s about everyone liking or disliking your music…not just one group…ignorant azz.

    There’s nothing wrong with constructive criticism…it should make you work harder to produce better.

  • @WOWW

    honey….. i dont give a damn who asked you, you know better. this song was a mess but robin thicke sounded nice. auto-tune doesn’t work all the time.

    thats my song too… ughhh

    rip m.j