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Dude Looks Like A Lady: 10 Celebrities Caught With He Shes!



At one point in his career, Ronaldo was one of the best and most popular soccer players in the whole entire world. Leading a very good Brazilian squad, there wasn’t a single soccer fan who wasn’t aware of Ronaldo, and what he brought to the game of soccer.

So once tabloids everywhere said Ronoaldo was caught picking up not one, two, but three transvestites, the whole soccer world knew about it.

Ronaldo cried while being interviewed by police over a scandal in which he picked up three t-vites thinking they were female callgirls, Ronaldo told officers he was merely trying to “amuse himself” when he picked up the trio in Rio on Monday, police said.

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  • senjuoffire

    i’d still smash the one that was with Bow Wow….and maybe Sidney………..

    • ImMe


  • angie

    No telling how many men haven’t been fooled by the one Bow wow was with, cause he looks like a woman.

    • angie

      how com you put astrics?! passion is not a offensive word?!

  • phyre

    They all still seem mannish if u ask me. Even the pretty bow wow one. Even sydney. They look mannish.

  • nicky barnes

    Nope. In FACT, I listened myself and heard him not only deny it, but wonder how such nonsensical rumors get started…

  • yeahyeah

    Hugh Grany was caught with a Black woman. Divine Brown was what she went by. Not a tranney.

  • kimmiebk

    f- it. So tranney’s can’t be friends with dudes? even if any of them actually, intentionally Fawked these chicks then , so what? they should be using condoms with everybody anyways so…….

  • MixedFriends

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  • Chocolate1da

    Damn….some of these he/Shes actually look like women but cmon son u didn’t notice anything extra floppin around?? And yo what kind of old bucket is shorty sittin in in the last pic? The fabric look clean tho! Lol

  • Noel the Thinker

    Dear HipHopWired.com,
    Why should the artists be “ashamed of themselves?” What is so bad about hittin’ a tranny? I mean aren’t they the women of every man’s dream: Extremely attractive & incapable of getting pregnant? Meaning a guy can hit & not have to worry about strappin’ up right? So what’s the big deal? Sure they were a guy once upon a time, but was dissatisfied & unhappy, & did somethin’ about it. Therefore, aren’t trannys entitled to enjoy their lives as typical people? Or should they be discriminated against & singled out for being themselves in their most happiest state?

  • kish

    for real this is some ish y is everybody bein a hater about ish that dont have nothn to do with them. so what if they runnin around wit trannies and ish ppl do not know how to mind they own biz the world would be a better place

  • Kaisinger


  • !!!!!


  • Amber Thompson

    The title to this article uses a word that is insulting and derogatory, not many black people would like the NY Times, using the N word in an artitlce title.

  • MJ

    Wow, this is some serious hateful stuff. The more I read, the more disgusted with the author I became. I mean seriously, so what? I could care less who is picking up who. People are people. We are all humans and deserve to be treated as such, not judged and deemed sub-human and inferior because of what we look like or who we choose to hang with. I would think that the black/hiphop community would know and understand this better than anybody else. Shame on you. You should know better.

  • Monique


  • chris

    Wow. What an incredibly transphobic and homophobic piece of fluff. I agree with MJ – shame on you. You should know better.

  • caramelchocolate

    bet that old fake vajayjay stay dry and have to always buy lubricant because its not real and self produce lubricant just like it cant produce no baby. Nasty trannies, get with your own kind, get with a woman that became a man, dont want that do you. want a real man and you not a real woman, big lying contradiction!

  • caramelchocolate

    This needs to be challenged in court for impersonation, false pretenses, intetional deception, sue for damages to reputation, emotional distress, etc. Such rumors may have cost these celebs fans, money, etc. because it could have been a turn off for their female fan base which financial supports them. Wish I was a lawyer, I would go in big time on this lying game these trannies are playing. You know you got a fake vajayjay, having skin tucked and folded and cavities created to fool unsuspecting men. Vile, ruthless, sneaky, and should be illegal. Gay rights should also mean resoposibility and accountability when playing with the lives of other.

  • caramelchocolate

    @ Sophia, preach it to the choir. Let the man know the truth about your operation, talking about you gay and proud, be proud enough and tell a man who you lying to. Why wont you tell, because you know he would not want you if he did know the real truth. all that start out female crap is bull. Waht you ended up with? huh? stuff you had to alter and remove, let the man know!

  • Tyrone Brawning

    HAHAHAHAHA soulja boy is GAY!

  • Tyrone Brawning

    They are all Faggits! thats why you don’t hear anyone of them saying Fag anymore.

  • Ryo

    Wow this article and a lot of these comments are extremely ignorant, transphobic, horrible things to say about people and the things they pursue to do in life. Oh my god my faith in humanity is diminishing. *facepalm

  • jily4kiss

    I strongly recommend ______ukinterracialmatch dot *com______ to you where I just found my interracial boyfriend! You know it is a great place to meet black men and beautiful women. What’s kind of relationship do you want? 😉 kljp

  • sha

    why wasn’t my comment posted?

  • Joey

    I don’t understand how there can be so much hate in the black community when the gay and transgendered community is going through the same stuff. How can you demand equality for yourselves and then turn around and use a slur on someone else?

  • chris ricks

    These mother Fawkers is crazy!

  • Really irritated

    To be completely honest this is some bull. I embrace lgtb persons. I just feel like, damn. How could you do that to the black woman, on some real stuff, and ya’ll may not feel me on what I’m about to say. How many issues do sister’s have when trying to find a suitable mate, and NOW she has to deal with a possible prior/future slip up with him and a tranny? Your not a woman, you will never be a woman. How can you be a man and want to look better than a woman, curt your eyes and flirt like a woman? A man is the head of the household, he sets the tone and direction for the family. It’s enough baby boys (men who won’t grow up to be responsible adults because they don’t HAVE to) as it is in our community. How are we supposed to work on building relationships with men and women when you got video vixen transgendered folks turning people out for notoriety and fame? Why even do that. Meanwhile the media eats the stories up and makes these people famous, and next thing you know, me and thousands of women are sitting at home with our man looking at XXL with Sydney starr on the front cover, setting the tone for the rest of the video model women???And you mean to tell me my man is not going to be attracted to her, because his masculinity will somehow overcome?Please. He looks like every other video mode when he embodies a woman better than most? I’m speaking in general, so please don’t take it as hate. What I’m saying is we deal with enough in our community with relationships between men and women, can we work on some of those issues first. And tranny men who trick other men by imitating the natural born seduction of a woman to get them infatuated and sleep with them, should be ashamed of themselves. and yes I said it, crucify me, I know it’s coming.

  • Caramel Diva

    LOL, o.k. let’s recap,
    What have we learned here?
    doesn’t matter if they have a package. As long as it has long hair, breast , a butt, and light skin!!
    So who cares really, that is why a.i.d.s is the highest in the black community. Keep sticking your light skinned hoes, hope your dicks fall off idiots.

  • Please!

    @James, you are obviously gay!

  • Miss Nikki

    Lord, I pray, anybody but Trey Songz. Not him God.

  • maru-chan

    Duuuude. The one Bow Wow was allegedly with has me fooled O.O Ladies betta step ya game up, anybody can buy t.!tties these days and her shoes were FIERCE! *Z snap*

  • RW

    Who cares who they get with?? You’re not sleeping with any of them. We buy their music. Period. You never know who or what so-called celebrities are doing, even the supposedly sraight ones and the alleged happily married ones. Ya’ll stop hatin’…..some of those trannies look as good as some females!

  • CaLiFiNeSt

    @senjuoffire……….. homie u gay as hell and thats real talk!!!!!

  • tRUTH2011

    Um why does the author feel the need to write that each of these men should be ashamed of themselves? Ashamed of what exactly? Who says that being with who you choose to spend YOUR life with is something to be ashamed of? Who is the jury to condemn? The author should be ashamed of his/herself. This kind of one-sided HOMOPHOBIC thinking is why kids are committing suicide and being bullied today…

  • aw man thats sick!!!

    Rap Beats | Hip Hop Beats | Instrumental Rap

  • Khnum-Khufu

    I use my magical pimp powers to turn white boys into tranny skeezers.

  • Alexys

    Sounds to me like this “homo” writer is jealous that he didn’t get some rapper in him.

  • I’ve NEVER been “caught” with a transwoman. I court them openly and proudly!

    • Isabella Rosselinni

      Can you please contact me. I need to add you to my twitter,facebook and tagged. You can find me on you tube on my channel, MsHeavenlyGoddess. Thankssss

  • I have NEVER been “caught” with a transwoman. I court them openly and proudly!

  • Allen Morris


  • Jigg

    She bad ;p

  • Jigg

    Nadia I mean lol

  • Vashannon Shannon

    Tranz women are getting more and more beautiful.every year they seem to get sexier and sexier……..go girls love you……..

    • Michael M. Myers

      I AGREE!.

  • Tyrannon

    Considering the writer took all this time to identify people who are ‘trans’ (which is the more appropriate respectful term) on a hip hop website, especially when its got nothing to do with hiphop. It sounds like this writer is just finding an excuse to look at beautiful trans women. Its disappointing that people like this writer are so far in the closet about their gender and sexuality issues that they have to insult and make fun of people who have gone through way more oppression than most cisgender people ever will know.

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  • Vyke

    The writer must be a sad SAD man
    to be saying so many transphobic things about these women who honestly are harmless and probably really nice. It’s funny he doesnt realize that for these successful men to be “caught” with these women they might actually have nice characters.

  • Jaz79

    Such offensive crap!! This is why men can not love a transexual woman publicly! Why must you shame men for loving a transexual? It doesn’t make them more or less of a man! Ignorance can kill, so please focus your attention on learning the difference between gender identity and sexual orientation. Not everything is black and white. There are alot of beautiful colorful people out there. Crap like this anger me! And to be black and discriminate! How dare you?! Fine! keep selling and doing your drugs, listen to your crappy rap music, and continue killing each other for a fake gangsters paradise! DUMBASSES!!!

  • Joslynn

    Transsexual women are women born in the wrong body, we’re not “men” or “he she’s” or “transvestites” you’re using all these terms without even knowing their correct definition. Gain some knowledge then talk your pointless bullshit. I should know I’m a young trams women myself and people in the world like you make me want to commit a worldwide suicide homicide massacre! Lol you’re ignorant good luck:p much love(more like hate)

  • Yeah this article isn’t homophobic at all… lol what a turd of an article. And I think even less of the writer.

  • J

    This writer should be ashamed of himself! He’s probably a virgin with a small penis

  • …………..

    Transsexual women are beautiful women. no straight guy would ever not be attracted to a true transsexual woman. A transvestite however is a man.

  • Isabella Rosselinni

    I would agree with the comments posted. Its as if the blogger posted a shitty article to just attack a group of people who are already oppressed and a vulnerable minority group. Its like lets attack and try to demean a group of people who are already the victims of hate crimes and discrimanation just based on the gender they identify.

  • he/shes really thats is just super ofensive!

  • Jessica Knowles

    I wish I could burn this Hateful Garbage right off the internet I Am a Transgender Woman and very proud of it and I find the terms this so called writer use beyond offences this article was nothing but pure Hate and it’s said that someone who even spared this Hate by posting it online do you really need that much traffic on your web site that you would result to having an idiot writing whatever little senseless thought pop up in there head just disrespectful,disturbing & disgust!

  • nekkocite

    This article is out right offensive. It spews bigotry out of almost every line.

  • Nekkocite

    This article is down right offensive. It spews bigotry from almost every line. anyway Liking this drivel should be ashamed.

  • Madison Montgomery

    The writer is so pathetic, He seems almost tickled in the fantasy of exploiting a man personal attraction to trans-women me saying “get a life”
    really serves no justice as the evidence is clear that the writer did all this research to exploit these Men….No life at all~

  • Rob

    Wow…this is ridiculously offensive, and borderline hateful. You talk about Transgenders as if they aren’t PEOPLE. Who we care for and date is our personal business and should it be made public should never feel “ashamed” of caring for another human being, whether as friends or more. This isn’t an article so much as it is hateful trash. How the editor approved this is beyond me.