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Nelly Covers ‘Rolling Out’, Talks Adopting His Late Sister’s Two Children [Photos]


Nelly is the latest celeb to grace the cover of Rolling Out magazine and in his interview with publication reveals a fact unbeknownst to many, that he’s the father of four children—two of his own, and two he adopted from his sister after she passed away.

The new fitness DVD seller and radio host told the publication that after his sister Jackie Donahue succumbed to leukemia in 2005, he took in her two children. Nelly also says he’s still not over his big sister’s untimely death.

“You never get over that loss,” Nelly reveals. “[There’s] no such thing because [there’s] not a day that goes by that you don’t wish they were still here. To be over something is to not think about it anymore. I try to think about what she would want me to do. She was my big sister and my everything. She knew me better than anyone. That was rough.”


Nelly also adds that children have changed his life for the better. He continues to promote his Jes Us 4 Jackie foundation that brings awareness to leukemia and the need for black patients to find bone marrow donors and “lives for his children.”


“Once you have kids, it’s almost like your life stops at the point they are born,” he says. “It’s like you’re living for them [from the day they are born]. Your main focus is their longevity. You always try to plan when you are not with them. But I’m fortunate to be 10 years in the hip-hop game. I’ve done a lot of dumb stuff in the past. This road has been bumpy. It just got smoothed out and I see where my focus needs to be.”

Check out Nelly and his Rolling Out cover below.

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  • rp coleman

    ur good man and father i know ur sister is resting easy

  • caramelchocolate

    Luv to hear his love for his sister and raising her kids, that’s love at its finest. Death hurts, even if they are in a better place. God please reveal the cures you have in the leaves of the trees and plants you gave us and spoke about in the bible so lives wont be cut short. Just wish there was a research company dedicated to biblical based plant research for cures to diseases as God revealed in the Bible because we are perishing for the lack of this knowledge.

  • Kruhser Kronkite

    Kudos to Nelly.The honorable thing to do bruh!

  • Toy

    Love Nelly and i admire the relationship with his sister and all hes done in the name af his sister. My aunt died from the same thing. My her sister was a match and she still passed after the surgery. But God takes his angels first. Its the rapture. He takes them from this place before the war.So God bless you Nelly and keep doing you.

  • mztique

    so touching! it’s great to know that he had such a wonderful relationship with his sister! God Bless you Nelly!