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Floyd Mayweather Sr. Doesn't Want Floyd To Fight Pacquaio: "My Concern Is For My Son’s Life"


Although we are all anticipating the Floyd Mayweather Jr./Manny Pacquaio fight, one person who does not want to see the fight happen is Floyd Mayweather’s dad.

In a recent interview, Floyd Mayweather spoke about being concerned for his son to fight Manny:

I’m just saying this right here, my concern is for my son’s protection. My concern is for my son’s life, that’s why. If my son’s fighting that little man, I’m concerned about my son’s life. That’s what I’m telling you.”

He also says that Pacquiao pretended to be hurt by a body shot thown by Antonio Margarito in their match last weekend. Floyd Sr thinks some kind of ruse unfolded during the fight because both men are managed by Bob Arum.

“I think well you know, both of them are with Bob Arum and I think that he didn’t care about one as much as he cared about the other one. That’s what I believe, and I believe that he didn’t care about one as much as the other one. I believe that Pacquiao, to me there was no doubt anyway. I told everybody that Pacquiao is going to beat him up real bad or stop him, and that’s what he did. Pacquiao caught myself I believed, when the guy hit him to the body, I can’t say who told Pacquiao to act like he did, like he was hurt. Man, he wasn’t hurt. Believe me. He might have been hurt before when he got his A$$ whopped by one of them little bitty fighters when he was fighting in a smaller weight class when he got stopped when a guy hit him to the body. But now, when he got hit this time by a much, much, much bigger man, he got hit solid.

Floyd finishes the interview by restating his concern for his son:

“Me myself personally, if they had the fight I’d tell my son not to fight him! Not because my son can’t beat him, because my son could beat him easy. He’s nothing big. He’s nothing hard to find. He can be found, and even Margarito showed you can hit him when you want to hit him. How in the hell is Margarito hitting somebody as big and slow as he is? He couldn’t hit me in my sleep. So how in the world is he hitting this man now? I know my son is different. He’d tear him apart, but the whole thing is I’m like this right here. If I was my son, I have my reasons why I would not fight that man. I would have my reasons for not fighting that little bitty man. I got my reasons why, and I ain’t got to tell nobody nothing. Everybody knows what time it is.”




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  • nuncavisto

    Pacquaio will beat mayweather any time i will bet on that !!!!!

    • Joe

      Based on the fact, he got 3 losses, should have 5 because of the whoopin Marquez put on him. Please kid, Floyd’s undefeated easy and he did it clean. Manny’s a fraud on those PEDS

  • rex

    Truly in another world. I guess Arum asked margarito to take alot of power punches to the head and asked to make sure he broke hir right eye orbital bone and make sure he cuts himself on the right and left so that it will puff up and pretend to get surgery after the fight. it was all planned alright….

  • porky pig

    Floyd Sr is an idiot…Floyd Jr is a wife beater…

    • Trae

      How the hell you know?

  • Divatude

    He doesn’t want Mayweather to fight PAC because PAC is juiced up. Mayweather has said it countless times.

  • Deontae

    TO: REX your blind in complete denial like SR. Said you know what time it is juice is still being used in the sports it will never go away like dangerous drugs on American streets. Its too valuable in all aspects. He wont take the test but he will fight a bigger stronger oh yeah and of course a Slower Slower fighter than him its not manny its Bob hand pcking making money. I loved Tyson but i say he was juicing after his trainner past. Floyd is smart he has nothing to prove to the world that he hasn’t prove already undefeated and money making mega fight venues. Yes you are entitled to like and dislike whom you want i like pac man but i like and respect what floyd jr. is and does to the boxing world except letting the media get in his personal life they cant wait to see a succesful (AFRICAN) american make a mistake in which we all make even bigger mistakes than that. Americans sometimes I hate. That is why the country is in its situation now, previous piss poor leadership. CASE CLOSED LONG LIVE THE GREAT FLOYD MAYWEATHER JR.

  • Deontae

    To: Tommy

    You have a few valid points so maybe you would or wouldn’t when I ask you this question your telling me y0u would fights someone that gained weight fast maintained speed and strength and on top of that you had to loose weight nearly draining yourself to fight and the person you are fighting dodge a drug screening test and you will still fight because you hold the title of a fighter? Well in my own opinnion thats complete nonsense. Take the test that’s all we ask from the Mayweather perspective he is taking the same damn test so what may effect one could effect the other. Mayweather is just a skilled smart boxer and Pacquioa is a great fast slugger look what happen last night against a long slugger he got super counter clocked thats what happen when fools rush in. Keep it Real at least a little bit I ask. lol My goodness you people kill me sometimes with your imagination.

  • Deontae

    Im sorry I forgot to tell TOMMY Floyd will get hit way less than Pac will get hit thats a fact do you know this mans defense is impeccable even while stationary ask Marquez whom we all know won by decision to beat Pac open your eyes and use your GOD giving senses.

    • Tarik

      Drop thst knowledge Deontae. Most people like Manny because he entertaining. Most of the are the reason alot of of old boxers today are broke, can’t talk and lonely. Floyd ain’t dumb, Oscar de La Hoya fought both and he said himself Floyd is not just better than Manny but makes a case for being one of the greatest boxers ever. Manny’s a reckless slugger. You honestly think he’s gonna beat a boxer as technical and defensive as PBF? As far as the blood testing. He should be tested right before the fight and after at random. Nobody’s stupid over there. He said it makes him weak, it makes him clean and human. You won’t give up a test tube of blood for 30 million or more of them thangs and to prove to the boxing world you’re clean. Do the knowledge, it’s common sense what’s goin on. NAte Campbell, Paulie Malignaggi and Kermit Cintron all believe he’s taking something. Floyd Sr. has all the right to be concerned, look what a couple clean punches did to his speech, that’s his son.

  • Deontae

    Floyd gets in all his opponents head he stop his last rant because he was getting to racially offensive in which was embarrasing to see him do that asian people are minorities just like us he was wrong for that. But Pac cant argue cause he will get angry and lose focused Floyd is good at that even during the match. I think Floyd can beat Pac Man on his Pac man pellets or off because juice only gives you aggression and if your not able to be smartly aggressive against Floyd your gonna set your self up for some devastating counters if you cant be aggressive the whole fight then you wasted your Pac pellets and when you get off the pellets you will see your body break down back to normal. If you gave me a piece of candy and it made me feel invincsible I will keep eating my candy until caught honestly I wont say nothing about it cause what you don’t know wont hurt until someone knows lol and we now know

  • yoyo

    There…you have it…not only Mayweather Jr is afraid of Pacman and make excuses…Mayweather Sr. is afraid too (believe me..). Don’t expect a Pac-Floyd fight will happen!

  • Deontae

    To: Mr. NUt now i understand your name cause you are indeed nuts to think that he is only defensive he has a good defensive shell he is more elusive than steroid man and he has a better more precise offense. Steroid man hits slow targets try an elusive fast smart fighter like floyd and he will look worst than Marquez did plus Floyd has a good chin and he knows how to remain calm man please ok yet another that knows nothing about Floyd and has the urge to talk about him come on someone please stop this madness. Manny will loose by points if he fights at a distance and he will get drop if he comes in swinging I don’t think the congressman wants that murphy’s law to happen lol

  • lil Biggie

    I didn’t realize Floyd Sr. is capable of telling the truth!

  • Mr. Chocolate

    The Mayweathers talk too much trash! Stop talking and get in the ring and fight. Manny being on roids is bogus. Just because man is little don’t mean he on roids. The little man can box!!! Pacquaio already agreed to everything Floyd, Jr. wanted (including a blood test the night before the fight) and still Floyd don’t wanna sign. Floyd ain’t a real champion. He hand picks the boxers he can beat and ducks the ones he can’t. A real champion fights anybody … like Manny.

    • Tarik

      You don’t have a clue what you’re talking about just like alot of y’all. Manny agreed to test only up to 7 days of the fight, on a scheduled basis. Within those seven days, he’s free to take whatever he wants. It doesn’t matter what the cutoff time is, it has to be at random up to the fight or you’ll never know what he took. Common sense. Why do you think parollees don’t get to schedule their urine tests. Stop hatin and face the facts. Floyd agreed to all Manny’s demands ( ring size, gloves, weight, I believe venue as well) but Manny can’t agree to one of his. His camp made Margarito take a test the night of the fight! He can’t do the same? Of course not. Deep down you know why. How do you know who Floyd can’t beat? 41 boxers said he couldn’t beat him

  • David


    • Tarik

      Neither has Shane Mosley but he still had to fess up when they put him in front of a Grand Jury. That doesn’t mean a thing if you take scheduled blood tests dude

  • Tarik

    Where were you when Floyd Mayweather fought Diego Corrales, Angel Manfredy, Jose Castillo twice, Ricky Hatton who had more wins and was an undefeated champ, Zab Judah, Oscar De La Hoya and Shane Mosley. Name 6 respected opponents of Manny’s that he dominated for the majority of the fight

  • Bdot

    And for all you dummies who think Floyd Sr. is talking scared, he’s simply making a play on Manny being full of steroids. Doesn’t matter how roided up Manny is though, there’s no substitute for speed. People think Manny’s fast but anybody could look fast in front of slow Mexicans and over the hill bums. Floyd would present Manny with problems and fight angles that he didn’t even know existed. 12 rounds of counterpunching, get some.

  • Boxing Historian

    I get tired of hearing about the Mayweathers and their propaganda. In any fighting situation, any fighter can beat any fighter on any given day when you are considered one of the best in the world and proven. Over the years, Floyd has done nothing but handpick, and protect his imaginary “O” with no activity in the ring which hurts a fighter on timing and skills. Let’s face it, Floyd don’t throw as many punches per round in blazing speed as Manny, and is hittable as shown by Shane. Secondly, this fight will never happen due to the understanding that Floyd, unless be theatrical about building up a fight, will never step in the ring, regardless of Olympic-style drug testing or if the heaven and stars were aligned. Floyd and is family are bad for boxing, much like the older fighters who keep hanging out in their late 40’s and early 50’s for another PPV. Unless Floyd has something to say about fighting Manny in 2011, I don’t want to hear anything else and that goes for any other fight he chooses to handpick for another PPV payout to cover his suits and attorney fees. Get real people, when does a Mayweather dictate drug testing which is left to the governing body? In essence, Manny can not be beat at this point due to being peaked, and on the top of his game. YES, he could be potentially caught with a punch by any fighter and lose, but, odds are in his favor on being on top for the next two years unless retiring. Caution: Just because Manny lost a few fights in his career, don’t mean a damn thing today. Those were earlier losses and he avenged one of those losses against Morales by putting the Mexican to his A$$ with a head-notting NO MAS, NO MAS, stoppage. In closing, for all you Floyd dreamers out there I pity you for your lack of education on facts, and mis-information given to you by media skeptics who usually post garbage in between the lines without the solid foundation of truth.


  • Rick

    pbf vs hoya 154 pbf won 1 st time at that weight

    pbf vs ssm pbf won at the time ssm#1 welt in the world

    pac vs hoya brung em down drained em won. LOL again pbf 154 went up and took it.LOL

    pac vs long list hold on

    marg drained
    cotto drained
    hoya drained
    clottey who cares
    hatton pbf gave em his first 0
    jmm both fights could have went either way pbf dominant 12 round dec.
    if ssm pbf just made him look old and vunerable so now pac wants him

    now after pac vs ssm,berto like he says all roads lead to pbf

  • be avis

    Sounds like Mayweather Sr has been hit in the head too many time. What the heck is he babbling about?

  • Rick

    There is such words like allegedly and speculation RAWBERT. You weren’t there. Nobody was coering boxing like they are today until Floyd Mayweahter started destroying dudes and while Manny was still a no name getting hurt by Marquez. People need to stop acting like they’re spitting facts out. Floyd hasn’t proved he can be beat and Manny hasn’t proved he’s clean going into his fights except for agains’t Morales and that lead to his 3rd loss.

  • Deontae

    Boxing Historian is in complete denial LOL funny

  • Deontae

    Floyd might have problems fighting andre berto or andre ward but manny not at all

  • Jo

    Hey I heard mayweather is on steroids. It’s true. He also uses HGH.

  • Deontae

    if so its doesnt have the time to impact a fight he is not always overly aggressive like some i wont mention any names his intials begin with M.P. LOL