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Chelsea Handler Talks Sex With 50 Cent On “Jay Leno” [Video]


Chelsea Handler
is continuing to provoke rumors that she’s in a sexual relationship with rapper 50 Cent.

The late night talk show host and comedian appeared on ‘The Tonight Show With Jay Leno’ where she joked with the host about her ties to the emcee.
When Leno asked her about the rapper’s “Fiddy Cent” moniker, Chelsea replied,

“His name’s Curtis…I call him Curtis when we’re having sex.”

She struggled a little bit however when asked about her alleged beaux’s last name.

“Curtis, what?” Leno asked,

“Oh I don’t know…Curtis Cent.”

Check out Chelsea Handler on The Tonight Show below.





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    And the sad part is she dont know his last name. People I dont care if you are rich or poor or black or white of hell male or female, if you claiming someone and letting someone make a mockery of you at least make that BEOTCH know your last name. I am just saying.

    • tammy

      To Missvalz….You are a stupid BEOTCH! Think! Useyour head you dodo!
      Of course she knew…whats your problem!

  • kitty kat

    trust me …she know his name. She did when he was on her TV show…that’s just a way of avoiding the question, so they must be kicking it and she need to own up or say no comment.

  • Spitfiire

    LOL.. She does know his last name. She was just kidding. You have no humor.