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Lil Kim Named The Most Popular Rapper On Twitter, Shoots “Black Friday” (Nicki Minaj Diss) [Video]


Although she’s only been on the social networking site for a few months, Lil Kim has been announced as the most popular rapper on Twitter.

The status update site has announced their “Top Trends” of 2010 naming the website’s most talked about topics.

In the “People” section, Kim comes in at #6, behind actor Mel Gibson and before care worker Zilda Arns.

Kim is the only rapper that made the list.

Justin Bieber topped the list followed by Dilma Rouseff and Lady Gaga.

For the complete list of “top trends” on Twitter click here.

In related news, Kim is currently shooting the video for “Black Friday”, her diss record to Nicki Minaj.
Her TeamQueenBee fan club has released a video of the rapper on set in Brooklyn wearing an “International Rock Stars” baseball cap and addressing her fans saying,

“What it do, IRS…International Rock Stars. What it is…Kimmie Blanco Puntas!”

Kim is also planning to release her new single “Clap Clap” in the forthcoming weeks.

Check out Lil Kim on the set of “Black Friday” below.




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    note to kim:
    puntas = points
    puta = wh*re / Beyotch
    get it together, darling.
    on. 🙁

  • LilKimAllDay

    To these two hating a** Nicki Stans, posting the hating start of comments peep the fact she dropped this on her OWN and you’re reading about it. Price gold versus platinum and that should clear up your misunderstanding Bonita. Basically I’m saying keep your comments.

  • Ew

    lol Kim stans are the worse. Why y’all so mad all the time? Anyway, Kim done went and changed her voice now too. Damn shame. Self-hate is real with this woman…if she’s even a woman anymore…

  • David

    lol….at the blogger s dissing Kim….Lil Kim is hip hop royalty. !!!Straight raw!!! Resume too depp

  • why?

    why do nicki stans act like she never had surgery? why even compare her to kim? ALL they have in common IS plastic surgery. she needs to stop acting* like she’s a rapper, you were on the right track comparing yourself to lady gaga. weirdos.

  • ItzMeBtchez

    I’m telling you! Nicki stans are the worst they are all people who know nothing about real hip hop(R.i.p)! Like it or not this is not rap go back to playing with your barbies little girls! Leave hip hop for the adults.

  • ItzMeBtchez

    Kim is a LEGEND. Kim was handed down to us by the GREAT B.I.G. To disrespect such a huge aspect of hip hop is blasphemy. Get out of here with all that negative stuff. If all of you are brainwashed into thinking rap music is about a pink set with pink poofy dresses and looking like a clown you need to sit down! Bring it back to the STREETS kimmy where hip hop started and BELONGS

  • FeedMeRappers

    hate is way more popular than love so pause while kim dusts her shoulders off *kanye shrug. anywho you “making garbaj” fans are just as delusional as that train wreck is. she’s been following kims footsteps since she hit the scene. we all know that. ms. garbaj is a mess. how many personalities does she have now? lol too many screws loose with this chick. but hey money can make you do some crazy things. kim knows that and her tail will learn her lesson too.

  • bonita

    kim stans are bitter just like kim cuz they know whats going on
    nicki chillin and sittin pretty with her RECENT success
    can kim say the same??

  • bonita

    did you or did you not see where i put recently
    i wish you kim fans along with her would stop resulting to shyt that went down years ago this beef is happening NOW not in the 90s so compared to their career right now nicki is ahead ,while kim has yet to come strong with a comeback or any major buzz
    and its funny cuz nicki success is coming even faster then kims when she started out
    9 songs on the billboards her cd goes gold in digital generation withing 3 weeks and she gets more publicity and covers then ive ever seen with a female rapper
    and you could easily say salt and peppea,mc lyte ECT did all that kim has done but i bet that dont take away from kim
    of course younger artist follow footsteps of older artist that happends in EVERY GENRE AND EVERY GENERATION at the end of the day other then missy ive never seen a female get some much commercialized success
    the girl obviously got tricks up her sleeve to do what kim did and MORE

  • bonita

    like i think everyone and they momma has said kim had her time and now its nicki time to do her thing
    i dont neva see so called legends coming after rookies unless there insecure of their own status
    you think mj was giving a shyt when usher,chris brown,justin timberlake ECT was taking his shyt
    no cuz he know his spot and the obvious influence he had on the younger generation
    why couldnt kim gracefully take that as a compliment versus a insult
    she petty and she is the doll people have put down to play with the newer one


    Granny Kim needs to hang it up… FLATSCREEN

  • TheOgTigerWoods

    @bonita I wish I never read anything you had to say because you sound like a lost child. But just for that I feel the need to put you on time out. You know nothing about music therefore stop wasting the time of people with real opinions with your ghetto talk.

  • bonita

    are you guys still oblivious to the fact that kim time is gone??
    you right it does come and go but unless yall got some crystal balls i doubt you know when nicki’s career will be done from the looks of it she aint going nowhere anytime soon
    and kim might still be spending some of that 90s money but she damn sure aint rolling how she used to
    she hook up with ballers and rich friends to help her seem like she still some kinda rich elite but thats over with as well
    and how old are some of yall to be still arguing and defending some damn rapper??
    30 and up should have been over kim skeezer azz

  • phyre

    Longevity. Period.
    What’s funny is that u nicki stans is not even gonna like her in 2 years.
    Guarenteed. She is a gimmick. Y’all to dumb to realize.

  • Unico

    Lil Kim isn’t fun anymore.
    Instead of trying to rebuild her rap career by ooooh RAPPING, she instead picks fights with fellow female rappers.