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Toya Carter’s Original Series ‘Toya: A Family Affair’ Premiering April 19 On BET


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  • She’s cute. I’m also a single mother struggling and trying to break through in the professional market. I’m cute too! (i think so) arionataylor.blogspot.com

  • ImMe

    I so love Toya!!! Hope the show is a success!!!


    “GOOD LUCK” on your new reality show !!!!!!!!!!!! I’m happy fo u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HOLLA BAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • girlmel

    Yayyy I Cnt Wait Till Yo Show Comes On; I Freakin <3 Youu

  • Symonie

    Cant wait 2 c it!!!!!

  • Estebn Blonded

    i like toya and all that but i think the reason she been talk about is becouse she was lil wayne baby mam and wayne it self is not original he’s corny i feel bad about today’s hit pop is dead not like it used to be when big l pun tupac rest in peace wayne is gay and overrated man but toya got a fat butt i will hit that from the back….

  • Carla

    Hey Toya Gurl I Love U So Much Iam A Big Fan Of Urs Cant Wait Until Ur Show Air Omg U Then Got Me Thur So Much In Life When I See What U Then Been Threw Then U Talk About And Basicllay Letting Young Ladies Kno Dat U Can Move On And Be Strong Cuz Seeing What U Go Thur Wit Ur Mama Then When Wayne Was Locked Up Then Wit Ur Brother Omg

  • stardust1981

    go head girl do your thang

  • Candace

    Toya I have to give it to you. I am also a single of three but their grown-up now. I am also a recovery addict; believe me that addiction is very hard to give up. But when I was in my addiction I did hit rock bottom. I knew that it was time for me to give it up, “why” I kept seeing myself doing the same old things over and over and I than knew that it was time for me quit. Your mother looks really good, and I know that you love her. I wished that there was some way that I could talk with you.

  • Toya i love your shows but did u now that u was about to fart

  • i lov u toya

  • right me back