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Jay-Z Disses Birdman On “H.A.M.” With Kanye West [Audio]


While the Internet was ablaze Tuesday with Kanye and Jay-Z’s new track “H.A.M.”, a number of people may have overlooked a subliminal diss Jay sent towards Cash Money’s Birdman.

The Lex Luger produced track features a line from Hov where he says, “Really, you got baby money” and adds, “(You) ain’t got my lady’s money!”

According to Forbes the line is Jay’s way of discounting Baby and his protégé Lil Wayne.

Baby previously took shots at Jay in 2009 after he was named the “Hottest Emcee In The Game” by MTV.

He was quoted saying that Lil Wayne should be “The Hottest” because he makes more money.

“I don’t think [Jay-Z] is the number one emcee in no kind of way. Wayne’s the best. He do the most and he make the most money. I don’t think no n*gga in the business make more money than us. How can you be the best if you don’t make the most money? And you don’t do the most? Lyrically, come on man, be for real, can’t nobody Fawk with Wayne…if you number one and you ain’t getting no money it don’t mean nothing.”

Obviously Jay caught wind of the statement and put it in the new song.

Jay earned an estimated $63 million last year, Beyonce $87 million.

Wayne mad $20 million while Birdman was not listed as one of the highest earners in Hip-Hop.

Listen to Jay-Z take shots at Birdman below.


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  • LMAO!

    Ayy jigga is comparable in a lot of ways…but not when it comes to money

  • Medi Anarchist

    Jay seems to be a bit predictable by taking shots at Baby.Besides I’m really not diggin the song at all despit him having so much money lol!

  • Ejay

    Birdman just should of kept that dumb statement. When you compare lil wayne and jay z you have to understand one thing based on the rich standard lil wayne just started eating good since the carter 3 and that derived from his nice lyrical content on top of birdman allowing him to have his own label a few years previous. I love wayne and jay I wont knock wayne however I think his pa or dad is a few stop signs away from school if you know what I mean. Yes wayne is nice but jay been not only nice for a long time but credited for it financially and notoriety. Its not a competition between wayne and Jay, on Mr. Carter Jay said “I took so much change from this rap game its your go” be mindful of the fact that Mr. Carter was waynes song so if he felt like he already took the same amount or more change from the game than jay he could of took that verse out. He didnt. Wayne knows he can only catch up to jay and its nothing wrong with that, jay earned his position financially and in the hip hop world. So fake little wayne fans stop trying to put him up there and just let him get there pleeeze.

  • big bruce

    Not a diss at all, just so happen baby has the same name, if u think it was a diss, then people are just narrow minded as hell but not a diss…. my brother has a baby but when they say check on the baby, I don’t think of baby Williams, do u?

  • Sweet Jones

    You made a valid point @Keyshawn, and there is a big difference between Wealthy and Rich. Jay has bussiness ventures, ie the club, liquor, his own label, and a clothing line. Therefore he is Wealthy, his money is making money while he sleeps. ” Lyrically Wayne does say some catchy lines but he also says some stupid one’s. Example “imma venereal disease like a menstrual bleed”. (A Milli) Forgive Baby he knows not what he speaks. Jay dropped 20 million an island as a gift to bey, wayne only maid 20 mil. In a year! So by Jay standards Wayne is Young Money literally. Ha!

  • Now we’re relying on Forbes magazine to decipher supposed beefs in hip hop? That is reaching like a mutha! But we all know Jay is bringing in that dough more than any other rapper. That tattoo ink on Baby’s head leaked into his brain so you have to excuse him…


    • mone

      @ 7HATAZLATA:

      LMAO about the Ink on his head! but honestly Forbes knows whos bringing in the most money!

  • mone

    ummm just for the record Jay Z has been on Forbes list how many times? like a million times!

    and how many has Birdman/Weezle or any1 from the camp been on Forbes? SQUAT!

    so yeh Birdman needs to sit his butt down.

  • t

    when that boy birdman was talking he was talking about money from music nothing outside of that everybody knows j gets more money from his different ventures birdman is saying they eat sleep and smoke music so if people say that j is the best where is he that boy wayne in your face doing something dealing with music all the time everytime

  • bstnext2nun

    If could be a subliminal diss and it could also be him just referencing others makin not as much money but either way you can’t even compare jayz and lil wayne. They are in NO way even in the same category period…and I’m not knocking lil waye b/c he is talented Both are lyrically talented.and they have different styles but Jay Z has been in the game way longer. and his mind set is way different. He came from the streets and has evolved. He is doing right by his money. NEEDLESS TO SAY AND DEFINITELY RIGHT BY HIS LIFE –> MEANING HE IS NOT CAUGHT UP IN STUPID STUFF SENDING HIM TO JAIL ..so the f- what if lil wayne collected 20 mil while in jail…Hopefully Lil Wayne will evolve as well and won’t b a talent gone to waste. either by getting caught up going back to jail or some stupid stuff with being wiped off the earth. He is talented. and he can make his money work for him the way Jay Z is making his work for him. JayZ isn’t even in the rap game on the steady like lil wayne is. but Jay Z is talented and has proven time and time again he can still lyrically spit.so y anyone tries to diss him on his talent is just pure hatin’—Give Props where props are due. recognize each for what they bring 2 da game…..

  • shem mccoy


  • bond

    63 million is not just from record, it’s from all his reveue. Jay Z got better publisist

  • bond

    It fun people will follow with anybody with money it doesn’t matter what they truly stand for. People stop being followers an become leaders of yourself!!!!!

  • Bond

    Being the best mean nothing, these days ; they all saying the same things. Money,cars, power, making it rain, and women that all I hear!!! This State is in THE STATE OF EMERGENCY, what so called best is really saying anything positive any more; don’t horry i’ll wait [NONE]!!! We are the people they preach this sh.. to, the lower and middle class.Lil Wayne no longer like dark skin girls, Jay Z is claiming to be GOD [J Hova]. Hip Hop is dead !!! Wake up for man kind sake and open your eyes!!!

  • Ms_Ukraine

    I can’t stand both of their devil-worshipping aholes, but I’d rather roll with package-sucking lips right here cause he’s more classy and international….Ugly frog by the name of Weezy & his gay stepfather are nowhere near ready for the worldwide level and his lyrics only make sense in the ghetto….I mean somewhere deep where they shoot heroin and don’t take care of kids….LMAO

  • capitostatus

    What Baby means by making the most money is making the most money via Hip Hop. Jay may be making more money the majority of his money came from other business ventures. Honestly NOBODY in the game has more records sold or more concerts than Cash Money Records. They got signed for over 200 million in 98. That is over 10 years ago, they are obviously worth over a billion by now combined(Slim, Baby, Wayne, Mack Maine, Bryan Cortez). They do make the most money in Hip Hop. All around?…thats a different story and Jigga/50/Diddy take that class.

  • I luv Tupac and Biggie, http://www.undadirt.com and youtube/undadirt music

  • Wizzkidd44

    You guys are all interpreting this completely wrong.

    When baby said that “Wayne does the most and makes the most money” he means off HIP HOP!

    Wayne made over 20 million just off hip hop alone…NOTHING ELSE. Now just think what Young Money/Cash Money grosses!!!

    That label is getting it in as far as making money off purely music and touring.

    Jay-z made 63 million because he is involved in other extensive successful business ventures that generate MILLIONS for him.

    If you were to just break down that Jay-z made off Rap/Hip hop and compared to what Lil wayne made of Rap/Hip Hop I bet you ANYTHING that Lil wayne comes out on top.

    Now just think about this…Birdman gets a percentage of what Lil wayne makes too OBVIOUSLY.

    Combine Birdman’s Income and Waynes….I bet you they gross just as much as Jay z JUST OFF MUSIC!!!!!!!!


  • single mom

    wow…people arguing over what the next man vs. another man made…… i made 32,000 dollars last year…. hurt my back… can’t get comp OR disability… so unless they’re gonna help me out who cares … WTF

  • reckon

    who the hell cares what d*** dudes makes as income,am also working my way to the top for multi million dollar mark.let’s stop wasting time around talking who makes how much and that and so on,and think of how better we can put smiles on faces of the less privileged out there.If they are really in a contest of who has more money,then we should see how their money works better 4 the society that made them.

  • JiggaMan PimpC and B-U-N-B

    Thought Jay didn’t diss/respond,, u respond to Birdman but not MC Hammer? come on now, and Hammer raps better than Birdman

  • mentalsugarma

    what’s beef? money is like water it comes and goes.

  • Ms_Ukraine

    Yeah, @ mentalsugama, but at the end of the day – IT’S ALL about money….Lesson learned the hard way!

  • bill nye

    some of these posts talk about the entire cash money/ young money groups income compared to jay-z. id like to think combined they can make what j makes. undoubtedly lil wayne and cash money put ou tmore music than jay, another situation where two record labels and 12 artist should be able to do. but do the math, 6 albums from 2 labels in ayear or 1 album from one guy. think about ho wmuch mor eit cost to produce those albums, obviously most of the posts aren tfrom business ppl. i dont have an MBA from harvard but sound sliek j is stil doing better. theres no need to compare lyrics as its asinine to do so.