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Lil Kim Debuts New Music: “Clap, Clap “, 6’7” [Audio]


Kimmy Blanco a.k.a. Lil Kim is continuing her comeback trail into music and has debuted two new tracks from her upcoming mixtape.

As previously reported, the pint sized rap vet was spotted shooting the video for her “Black Friday” Nicki Minaj diss complete with a lookalike of the YM Barbie.

The video shoot was also for her latest track “Clap, Clap” featuring her IRS or International Rockstars team.

The track features subliminal disses at Minaj including the lines,

“So mention my name out your mouth/ And before you take a bow, we’ll be clapping from the crowd.”

“Diss Lil Kim in ya songs and I’ll be in the crowd with a round of applause.”

In addition to Clap, Clap, Kim has released her take on Lil Wayne’s track “6’7.”

Kim plans to release her new mixtape in February.
Listen to the latest from Lil Kim below.

“Clap, Clap”




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  • Ricardo

    Kimmy Blanco… you know I am on your side but your gonna have to do a lil better ma…

  • kidrebelny

    Both songs were wack, go back and try again. Her best album in my opinion was Notorious K.I.M. And who are those guys, they just as wack, next

  • tim

    TEAM NICKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KingKobra405

    Yo this dont sound like a specific “Nicki Minaj diss track” yeah she took a few shots at her but nuttin like “BLACK FRIDAY” bet these are just IRS mixtape tracks…


    hoe boy!
    is she really putting out A MIXTAPE????? 😮
    not an ALBUM?
    well, it’s official. kim is so OVER, they need to come up with a new name for OVER.
    good night, irene. 🙁


    HOLD UP?
    did she say in ‘6,7’ she gotta put on A CAPE?
    nicki been puttin’ on a cape since ‘her’ mixtape days.
    biter, biter pants of fire. 🙁

  • B Tyme


  • Courtney

    Thank you for this comment. I’m glad someone understands.

  • jj

    love lil kim n that beef with her n nicki needs to cease kim had the mic now let nicki have the mic kim is the original wit the style n we no that!

  • Brittany

    no matter what i’ma kim fan. nicki’s not that hot. that check it out song was wack as all hell. nicki just got big last year and all of sudden people think she’s the greatest pssh yea right. nicki hasn’t been on nearly as much tracks as him and will never be on kim’s level.