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Nicki Minaj Takes Top Rap Spot On Billboard, Calls Out Weak A** Beyotches” On Twitter


While other female rappers are making diss records and filming music videos, Nicki Minaj is taking to her Twitter account to subliminally take shots at her enemies.

As previously reported, Nicki’s Pink Friday album is certified platinum and currently falls at #2 on the Billboard charts behind Taylor Swift’s Speak Now.

Pink Friday has shipped over 1 million copies and sold another 38,000 copies this past week.

The album is currently the top selling rap album in the country, pushing Eminem’s Recovery to #5 and Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twitsted Fantasy to #7 on the ‘Top 200.’

Obviously excited about her latest accolade Nicki took to Twitter to speak on her latest ranking and also to offer a little advice.
Nicki sent out a message to “Black radio” in particular asking them to congratulate her for her accomplishment, rather than bring up “bullShyte” they read in the media.

Dear Black Radio , wen u do ur morning show tmrw, let the community know that taylor swift is #1 and nicki minaj is #2…As opposed to starting your morning show reading the blogs on air…perpetuating bullShyte. Inspire the community tmrw (sic) Black Radio!…

And let them know that nicki minaj does NOT have a top ten song on billboard’s 100 right now. And NO knew (sic) vids out either…Let them know that they can WRITE their OWN raps and STILL go toe-to-toe with Rap’s Heavy Weights.”

She also added in a special message for her haters from her alter ego Roman Zolanksi.

“And if they can’t respect your hustle, tell them GO FUK YOURSELF! Weak a** Beyotches COULD neva!!!!!!! Jealous hatin hoes die slow… pulls out package and pisses* – Roman #out.”




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    lmfao! oh, nickolas…you SLAY me! 😆

  • Angel

    Well Nicki’s first CD has shipped A Million copis, however, she does not have a million sold, which means that a million people have not bought it. And I doubt it very much if she will reach number 1, because although she is number 2, Taylor has the number 1 spotand will continue to hold it for at least another week, and then Bruno Mars is at number 3, with a bullet, which means he is going to over take Nicki next week, pushing her to number 3.

  • mone

    shes crazy!

  • That Billboard don’t define nothen out here in the streets…….She wakk!

    • Mzmystic

      Agreed! She’s as wack and phoney as they come. I’m suprised this corney chick lasted this long




    Im Just saying Soulja Boy Moves records but does that make him good?

    • LV


      Soulja album sold 13,000 his first week. So ummmm please dont mention him…total to this day is less than 50k around 38 i believe. On another note Nicki dont stop you the bestest.

  • phyre

    Cosign@ hey hey hey

    Y’all so dumb and love her some much that y’all don’t even spell her name right: “”Nikki does not = Nicki”

    Pack of lames.

  • DriaB

    Love Nicki Minaj 1000% the bestest

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Lmao,Lil Kim gone turn Barbie into a beast on her a**! Lil Kim,u betta step yo game up,cause it sound like Nicki ready to whoop yo a**,lyrically! Lol

    • Mzmystic

      Never that. Nicki can’t touch kim lyrically. “It aint enough A$$ shots in the world”. Ctfu at hoes thinking nicki has bars. Plz

  • msthangmc

    ummm..wackis wack..Vanilla ice was wack and he sold millions..Nikki Gargaj is wack so whats the difference?? A sell out has never been cool..#listens to crossover by epmd…

  • Adrienne

    She is crazy as hell….I love her!! She a Beast!

  • Morgan

    Nicki Minaj can be wack/fake everything all day long but as long as she has her team of barbie and ken dolls she won’t go anywhere. You either love her or hate her but with her fan base she will last a little longer than her 15 minutes is suppose to.