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Rush Limbaugh Criticized For ‘Straight Shooter’ Billboard Near Arizona Shooting


Rush Limbaugh is facing harsh criticism for a billboard in Tucson, Arizona near the site of Saturday’s fatal shooting.

The billboard, which has been in place for months, says “Rush Limbaugh: Straight Shooter” and appears to be riddled with bullets.

A photo of the billboard went viral Thursday and has since sparked outrage and cries for it to be taken down.

On Saturday, Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and 12 others were injured at a meet-and-greet event at Tucson.

Six people died including 9-year-old Christina Green who was memorialized by The President Wednesday.

Congresswoman Giffords survived a gunshot wound to the head and is said to have opened her eyes for the first time yesterday.



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  • Ron

    Can somebody just shut this guy up? PLEASE???

    • Dax

      Is anyone on here smart enough to think that this sign was up before all this happened. And do you really think Rush even knew about it. My Gosh people use your brains. I would leave it up just to piss off all you idiots. I would die for Rush.

      • Bruce

        Please do.

      • JOANNA

        Limpballs strikes again.

        What is this classless arzzhole trying to do,
        cultivate a new nutcase?

  • danny

    It is what I would expect from a Druggie.

    • Dax

      Danny your a fool who has never listened to Rush. Admit it.

  • Will

    The only thing less intelligent than the sign is the people foolish enough to relate it to ‘after-the-fact’ events.

    • thad

      same thing i thought

  • Loren

    This Dude Is A Big Ho All He Does Is Attack People He Needs To Shut His Mouth If He knows Whats Good Him.He’ll Get His When He Stands Before The Allmighty.


      Have you ever listened to RUSH more than five minutes??

  • Kyle

    Ding! This is the 5th comment! Congratulations “hiphopwired” maybe someday you’ll actually be worth a damn.


    Gimme a break,,that sign is to promo a radio station radio show and has been there for months. People complaining about Rush have never listened to his show more than 5 mins.

    • Ronnie Reagan

      It’s idiotically retarded to listen to this bozo. Every word that comes out of his blatantly ignorant mouth is 3 steps backward for the human race and 10 steps into hell for America

    • linda brown

      no I have never listen to rush limbaugh and never will. as for as I am concern he has nothing to say.

      • Dax

        Then Linda keep your mouth shut because you are a fool. At least I listened to you long enough to determine that.

  • Frank

    All this garbage that is being said about politicians in office are mostly true. But the garbage about the shootings in Arizona is downright ridiculous.

  • bob

    Rush was a dingbat last month and he’s still a dingbat this month. His mouthing made him rich, a fat cat, an evangelist. Other than that he’s a loser.
    Eventually, he’ll dry up and then spawn another get rich loser. We’ll deal with the boring losers and eventually, when we bore of them, they will fall out out of fashion.
    Same with Sarah …. what a joke.
    ps: we have some good people in politics now, however we don’t want to hear the complete truth from them because if they told us, they would never be re-elected. So don’t blame them, blame yourself for not wanting to hear why we are in the financial mess we are in!! Americans are bringing up families too spoiled and undisciplined to make it. Look in the mirror the buck stops at us!

    • larry

      Yep, it made him rich uing his mouth. Sorta like rappers.

      • Rob

        …or sort of like Obama. All mouth, no substance. He’s using this tragedy for a political gain. If a 9 year old wasn’t killed and the Rep. was a R. Which could have easily been the case, who would have been at the memorial?

        Bubba. Doubt it. Biden, maybe. Do you get it?

        Political opportunism to jack his poll numbers.

    • Dax

      Wow Bob sounds like you and Rush have a lot in common. It’s funny how you hate him so much.

  • thetruthhurts

    Seriously? This is news? A Billboard that was there months in advance? The President has made violent statements, should we tie them to the shooting? Danielle Canada, enjoy never reaching prominence in your job field.


    I won’t listen to this jerk- will anybody who has heard who his sponsors are- please let us know- so we can not buy their products- please !

  • RailroadMike

    Every time Rush shoot’s off his mouth he make’s money. Argueing with Rush is insane because he’s insane. Simply put like my GrandPa would alwas say, “It takes an Idiot to argue with an Idiot”.

  • William Johnson

    Rush Limbaugh = SUPER STUPID!

    • Dax

      William Johnson= Super DUPER Stupid

  • Judy Brooks

    Rush turns my stomach. He reminds me of a big toad!

  • gem

    I can’ see the point of attacking this post. It shows how others are attacking Rush. If you listen to him for more than a few hours you can learn his comments are based on a firm base that is valid. Yes it’s conservative, not hate filled or misleading.

    • archie L

      Good post Gem–BUT don’t expect the lefties here to see the same light. By the way How many cops and firemen and ems workers died last night—and how many are we talking about today–NONE –nuff said. Let;s move on to more important matters or treat EVERYONE equally—EVERYONE–not just a political figure BUT EVERYONE.

  • cc

    Rush Limbaugh embodies all that is good, loving, honest and honorable in humankind. Anyone who doesn’t like a person like that is ignorant and evil (or otherwise known as a Democrat).

    • Rich

      He makes a living inciting hatred and is so far extreme that many Repubs don’t have any use for him.

    • Bob Hatleli

      Anyone that agrees with this loudmouth should have their head examined.It,s vermin like him that breed this kind of violence.

  • Rich

    What else can one expect from this venomous numbskull neanderthal?

  • peter

    Leave Rush Limbaugh alone, we should all be thankful that we live in America where you have a freedom to speak whether your or I like it or not.

  • Tim

    Whether you like or dislike Rush the poster has NOTHING to due with the unfortunate occurance in Tucson. Period. Now find something that’s worth attention.

  • glass

    mr. limbaugh has been skating on the edge for years;
    he’s just a mean-spirited, narrow-minded man with a big mouth

  • kevin

    Please people what happen to freedom of speech, you Libs are sad.
    Rush and Sara did not pull the trigger.no wonder Arizona is run by libs.

    • Rufus King

      I love when people (particularly Rush, Beck and Palin fans) talk about “freedom of speech.” Freedom of speech is your constitutional protection against the government preventing you from speaking, not protection from members of the public telling you your comments are ill-founded, in poor taste and indicative of what’s wrong with the state of political discourse in this country.

      • buc

        your a idiot,freedom of speech is the gov allowing us too speak.well thats what the conservitives talk shows are doing. this is what is wrong with americans, we would rather listen too abounch of filthy rap music ,when to wake up and see the gov is to big and they want too run every aspect of our lives.

    • MR

      The Governor is actually republican. Your post makes no sense.

  • wsfapl&u

    we live in a violent, war-mongering empire, what should we expect when vigilantes strike? the sad likes of limbaugh and palin can shoot their mouths off all they like (i believe in free speech). they think using gun metaphors makes them look tough. anyone with a brain knows how pathetically freudian it is! their “target” audience are frustrated meatheads who feed on the each other’s hate. the government also perpetuates it. obama can make speeches about being conciliatory until doomsday but it is meaningless because, meanwhile, back in iraq and afghanistan… and guantanamo…and…

  • NJ

    Who ARE these people??? Limbaugh had nothing to do with what a very sick and crazy man did in Tucson all by himself because he is nuts and for no other reason. Are you so narrow- minded that you can’t bear allowing a platform for Mr. Limbaugh because he does not share your opinions? We fought a revolution in 1776 so that we might have “a decent respect for the opinions of mankind” (among other liberties). You defame and libel this man. But that does not necessarily make you right. Nor does it make him right. What people like Limbaugh carry on is called debate. You can’t have a public debate if nobody argues for the opposing view. Get real people. Open your minds. Surely you can think for yourselves and allow others the same privilege. Comments like yours discourage me and make me pity you. I just know the American people are better than what is displayed here. God help us if we are not.

    • Tim

      Well put, NJ! I couldn’t agree more.

    • NJ

      The word on the seventh line that was asterisked out is “nobody”. (Something in this website messed it up.) Just want to make that clear.

      • NJ

        The website asterisked out the same word on the seventh line again. I will substitute the word “no-one”.

  • anon

    I cannot believe I am defending this fat windbag, but the sign was up for months (not put up the day after the shooting) and compared to all the other offensive things coming out Rush’s big mouth this is small time. Perhaps the station should have taken down the billboard in light of the tragedy, but when people on the left make stupid allegations like that it plays into his hands. I dislike Rush, but unlike him I don’t think we should take cheap shots at him over stupid crap like this. It brings us folks with brains who know him for the corporate shill he is down to his level. Resist the urge folks. What he says on his radio show is far worse.

  • gun toter

    hey loren ya great rewads

  • JB

    Rush is laughing….and you’re still whining. Gotta love it!

  • I created a quick bit about Mr Limbaugh for your enjoyment.


  • califkid

    after reading the first 10 comments, I had to write a comment, what grade did these idiots quit school in; have they ever listened to the dummies at msnbc or air america before it went off the air becaue of no listeners; calling people names, using swear words,wishing people would die etc; have they read huffington post,
    another fifth grade dropout. Give Me A Break , get educated

  • Your Momma

    Rush Limpaugh is a DUMMY! What do you expect from a loud mouth drug taker!

  • jdhog33

    i have never listened to rush; but have heard praise about him, from over the edge, borderline cult, relidgious folk;
    thats enought to keep me away from his message.; i like more honest leval headed people with a clue on reality and compasion for other peoples feelings;

    • archie l

      Unfortunately bad things happen when we are forced to do what OTHERS think is good for us. There is one reasononable answer—-complete segregation–not just brown and white–but all colors.

  • Tom

    There is nothing wrong with the billboard. “Straight shooter” is a common figure of speech.

  • levelheaded 1

    The reason you can write what you do on this site is protected by our constitution as our freedom of speech. This applies not only to upset citizens but talk radio hosts as well.
    No one person is to blame for this incident as causing it.
    Just a young man that was ignored as having mental issues.

  • laura

    don’t comment on him, don’t call him, don’t listen to him, don’t read him and he will go away…

  • Linda Thomas

    A JUNKIE what else can you expect,his mother gave birth to STUPID.

  • Unico

    Please, stop using “freedom of speech” as an excuse to act stupid and disrespect others, there are limits to expressing your opinion on an issue, so you can’t say “I’m gonna shoot the president” and not expect consequences. People even use the “freedom of speech” thing while trolling on the internet.

    My view… Rush Limbaugh is a terrible and bitter man who really needs to step down. Regardless of this billboard not being related to the event, it isn’t appropriate for the area… seriously.

    • larry

      So I guess it’s OK to then just use the same standard for lyrics in music. Censorship is problematic because of one reason. Who gets’ to choose what to censor? I guess we could just get rid of everything.

  • Joe

    Rush is a hypocrtical, morbidly obese drug addict who hires illegal aliens to do his drug deals. His hypocrisy is that of a typical white trash republican.

  • craig

    well it look’s as if rush has a lot of people talking about him– just what he love’s.

  • AZ Resident

    “The billboard, which has been in place for months”… I don’t agree with Rushs political views, but this is not his fault. Blame Loughner! It’s just a billboard, in fact I think there is one advertising a Gun Show in Feb down the street… no one is saying anything about that. Stop being ridiculously stupid.

  • Patriot_Act

    No wonder dickless has been so testy lately. (and yes, I’ve listened to Rush almost daily since 1989, but have given up since he started his Amos + Andy routines since Obama was elected. Really liked that “I want to see blood in the streets” during the Democratic Convention. What a gasbag!!)

  • jscottu

    I like Rush Limbaugh. While I don’t always agree with him, he makes more sense than Obama.

  • U.S. Citizen

    Why? That is my question. Why are all of you criticizing poor Limbaugh for this? This sign has been up for months. All of you that are criticizing it are completly biased. The fact that the sign says “Straight Shooter” means nothing. It is just a clever way to draw attention. I do agree that with the current circumstances the sign should be taken down, but to criticize this man for having it up to begin with is just unintelligent. Further more I’d have to guess that you people who are criticizing him have probably never actually listened to him. This is the problem with people today, they are far too easily swayed one way by the media. I’d bet if half of you actually took a minute to listen to him maybe you would learn something.

  • Wayne

    How many of you really think Rush is responsible for this billboard? It’s corporate America that put it up. These billboards are all over America,and you think he’s supposed to know theres one there. Even if they had moved to remove this billboard the left would have reported that they were ashamed or something, and the Liberal news media have billboards just as stupid.Next, it seems strange the way some want to point their finger about what others have to say unless it’s someone they support. Hate is hate. Rush has freedom of speech just as you do. Funny how you can spew hate toward him and what he has to say, but what you say isnt hate. Does hipocracy mean anything to you.If you dont like what he has to say, you dont have to listen to him. But if you dont listen to him,who are you to call him wrong as you only get whats said second hand and out of context, as your liberal media wants to report it.

  • Jim

    How much longer are we going to let people push the blame for what one person does on the actions of another? If I rob a bank can I blame the movie industry or TV? If I start buying things on the debt of my grandchildren can I blame the Federal Government for showing me how it’s done? If I continue to drive 75 in a 55 mph speed zone can I blame the city government of ——– for disregarding the voice of the public and DOING AS I PLEASE? Who is truly responsible for my actions?

    Why someone does what they do is worth knowing. An influence for someone doing something must be handled with the utmost care, especially when the influence is a someone. A Psychological Background of the perpetrator of a crime is what holds the key and thus the blame rides solely on the perpetrator, not on that which was the influence.

    If we start blaming others for the deeds of true criminals, our prisons will be filled with musicians and politicians for saying things like “Kill Bush, Kill George Bush” or “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”.

  • Brad Ruhle

    In San Francisco they have a left-wing Rush Limbaugh: Ray Taliaferro. This guy shoots his mouth off at ANYBODY who disagrees with him, just like Limbaugh. It doesn’t matter who the caller is. If they disagree with him he insults them, calls them names, and even yells at them when they try to respond to him. Ray Taliaferro is just a loudmouth bully just like Rush Limbaugh.

  • k2

    The only thing he is shooting is insulin, in his arm.

    Let this be a lesson to people taking drugs, this is what they do to your brain.

  • David Sowers

    All I can say ” Rush is right”

  • RL

    Flush Limburger…EIB…Enough of this Inbred Bastard.

  • RL

    Flush Limburger…EIB…Enough of this Inbred Bast***.

  • mkkms

    I think people are being way too sensitive! Get a life and move on! Nothing illegal about it.

  • buford

    jeez! Good to see most people hate this sack of dung as much as I do. Truly, it was a bad place and time, and only an idiot (which he is) would do it. I hate his guts passionately, and I am a conservative and a USMC Vietnam Vet. Hate his guts.

  • ed wood

    This guy will walk over his mother to create a controversy that nets him more viewers. It isn’t surprising that he will use the death of a 9 year old girl to further his ambitions.

    The guy is heartless and so are those who approve of him.

  • Roger Pataker

    What spoons you guys are. Rush is right and you guys are left out.

    Libs are lost in their own BS

  • William Sweeney

    He laughs at libs all the way to the bank.

  • Derek

    Wow!!! What a outpouring vinegar! I suppose you’d say that Mr. Limbaugh had foreknowledge of the attack and had the sign put up long before the attacks. So he put up the sign knowing that it was coming !

    You may not like him, BUT you cannot blame him for trying to
    make hay.—- UNLESS; of course, You really believe that he can see the future. AND
    If that’s the case; You oughter be paying more attention to him !

  • Internet=99% idiots

    A perfect followup. The world is so overly-PC, a simple common word was flagged as a swear because it contains the four letters of a swear within it. We can no longer post the word p a s s, as in “to move past” something? ROFLMAO. I think this site just proved my point about being overly-PC.

  • Jackie

    I don’t like Rush Limbaugh, because he (and other like-minded individuals) has done more to divide this country and
    set us back regarding race relations. This a a diverse country.
    People of all races, religions, backgrounds etc. are citizens of this country yet Limbaugh and many of his listeners seem to ignore these facts and act as if this country is theirs exclusively.

  • Joe

    Rush. Calling you a pig is a disservice to the farm animal. You are simply a despicable louse. Fat piece of crap with a trophy wife that can’t stand to be in bed with you. Scum!

  • Carlton Anderson

    Limbaugh is a “NON- EDUCATED” (fact check) low self esteem idiot from Southern Missouri. Probably an out cast as a child and now it’s pay back time. People with their self esteem in tact don’t have to loud & bad mouth others for attention and self esteem compensation. Like rappers, yes he’s financially secure and one of the few that can make a living in the make believe world he lives in. Those who follow this idiot need to “FACT CHECK” every word uttered and the truth will prevail. Problem…his listeners are also idiots !!!!

  • Michael

    Please stop the hate speech. Yes, you who condemn Rush and Palin are the hatemongers.

  • MarkN

    The ones who criticize Rush and also say they never listen to his show are just plain ignorant, void of information and…well you get the idea. I love how when a Dem says or portrays something using obvious metaphors everyone understands, but when a conservative uses metaphors, the metaphor is thrown out and he or she is taken literally. “straight shooter”, someone who tells it like it is you morons. Turns out he was also right about McNabb all along.

  • Brentb

    Rush challenges liars, and liars don’t like to be called out into the light.
    Go figure that at any corner the liars of political imbuement would consider his interests second from the devil, when it it they who interest their likes toward the dark themselves, having little in taste with Christian America, gentle and good in heart and will.

  • Dan Noriega

    Rush is the greatest. You people are total idiots.

  • The Kid

    What? One of the Democratic candidates for Ted Kennedy’s old seat, Michael Capuano was referred to by his supporters as a “straight shooter.” Jerry Brown’s supporters applaud him as a “straight shooter.” Even Giants player Dave Tollefson’s *Mom* is being referred to as a “straight shooter.”

    Can someone explain why this is considered good in the above cases – and bad if it is Limbaugh?

    Maybe it is because the gun ban crowd has completely lost it?

  • TheTruth

    Are you people really that stupid? Just like this article. The shooter probably never listened to Rush in his life. He was a nutjob plain and simple. This is like relating a motor oil billboard to juvinile obesity. Its just stupid.

  • Rosalee

    Rush is a showman and radio is an entertainment medium. He is one of the greatest showmen on earth, and he uses his showmanship to get an audience and sell ads. PERIOD. One should never listen to these gurus and go off half-cocked. Do research first. Go on factcheck.org

  • tom

    Rush Limbaugh is liar. He’s what’s brought this country to what we now see as corporate fascism. Do any of you right-wing knuckle-draggers know what that means…? I didn’t think so. So why don’t you start reading on your own, gather information on your own, and above all…stop listening to that fat-headed, lying lard-assed drug-addled freak!!!!!

  • Dale Setzer

    Why do people listen to people like Rush?Glenn Beck? Glenn even join the Mormon Church,I guess to make people think he’s Lagit .Mormons the nice people ought to Run him OFF,Tar and feather the “DUMMMIE !!!

    • Dax

      Glenn has been a Mormon. And so is Harry Reid. Glenn believes in freedom. Harry believes he knows whats best for you and yours. Now if God wants us to be free and Glenn wants us to be free, why do you have a problem with him? By the way Harry Reid may be a sheep in wolves clothing.

  • hoohanglo

    OMFGNOES!!! THE REPUBELICONS GOTS PSYCHIC POWERS DOH@!! (Am I doing it?! …am I doing it?!)

  • Isaac

    At least he isn’t a liberal hypocrite like most of you people. You know that shooter was a far left liberal democrat, I doubt it you libtards are clueless.

  • christinnne


    What could you possibly be thinking? Don’t you just see this tragedy for what it is? This would have been the perfect opportunity for you and yours to plain old say this was a nightmare. Instead, you missed it completely. You remained political. Shame on you!!! It was an extremely important opportunity for you to show republicans/far right to show there are lines all of us should not cross. How did you NOT recognize it as such. You extremely disappoint. Duh!!!!! CS

    • Dax

      Yeah Christinnne… I saw Rush up there the day after with a hammer and some glue putting that darn sign up. Can you believe it? Fool!!!

  • green shull

    All these ppl your saying something to rush not the 9 year girl.How sad that these hate rush so much that they use this to hit him.This is for the little girl not what rush did.

  • Dax

    I love Rush. He is one of the most genuine giving people on this earth. I will bet everything I have most of you have never listened to him or even know anything about him. Now who’s the fool. I think the sign is great. Idiots

  • Dax

    Carl Chang you are an evil man lying to all these people on here. One day you will answer for your deceit. Rush has given more to help the needy than you and all the posterity of your family put together.

  • really helpful thanks..

  • Dax

    They put articles like this on here because they know most sheep on here are to lazy to think for themselves and realize how stupid this article is. There is no greater danger to America than ignorance. Now ask yourself, Are you ignorant? Do you look for facts or just believe everything the media says?

  • The Kid

    This is beyond hilarious because those spewing the most hate are hardly those who support Rush. Mind you, I wasn’t thrilled when Obama talked about having “hand to hand combat” with his political opponent, and suggested that if his opponents brought a knife, he’d bring a gun. I wasn’t particularly surprised by targeted maps since Bob Beckel, a Democratic Party consultant, was on the news a while back bragging about inventing them…..

    BUT NONE OF THIS MATTERS! Yes, it seems that the American Left regards the Amendments in the Bill of Rights like some people regard a particular kind of potato chip – “guess you can’t eat just one” – having attempted do destroy and devour the Second Amendment, they’re now on the First.

    I think they should go read about Mr. Goebbels of the Nazi regime, who also extolled disarming the populace for “safety” reasons, and restraining free speech because it caused riots and things.

    And it turns out the spree killer in Tucson was quite liberal, had registered as an independent, and hadn’t voted in the 2010 elections, according to his friends.

    • Fat Rush

      The killer was not “liberal.” His favorite aiuthor was Ayn Rand- the darling of the far right- he also liked Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

  • Fat Rush

    Rush Limbaugh was a college drop out draft dodger who got hooked on drugs and became a fat slob with a big mouth. He has never offered any solutions to the problems we face in America. He deals only in fear, slander, lies, and hate to an audience that is mainly uneducated and afraid. Meanwhile he is raking in millions because our corporate owned society rewards him for keeping people from thinking about solutions rater than division.