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Drake Reportedly Upset Over Kanye And Jay-Z’s “Watch The Throne” Album [Audio]


Drake is continuing on his European tour with J.Cole and while in London this weekend, sat down with famed radio host Tim Westwood.
The Young Money emcee chatted with Westwood on a number of topics including a collaboration album with Lil Wayne that has yet to surface.

Unbeknownst to many, Wayne and Drizzy were set to revive their roles as Young Angel and Young Lion for a collabo project before he was sent to prison.

According to Drake, they’re still looking to collaborate ironically much like Jay-Z and Kanye who are releasing their Watch The Throne album.

So how does Drizzy feel about it?

He tells Westwood,

“We still gotta do that album. I heard some other guys are coming out with an album together….I don’t know where they got that idea.”

When Westwood asks, “You mean the older guys?” referring to Kanye and Jigga, Drizzy responds;

“I didn’t say that…they look young to me…in their movements.”

Listen to Drizzy talking Kanye and Jay-Z below.

Is he upset or is this just friendly competition?




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  • Keyshawn

    Why would he be upset? Both albums will sell…4 of the top artists in the game today.

  • SMH

    Drake needs to stay in his lane…which is bubble gum radio rap…

    He act like he invented the concept of doing a collab album….

    news flash Aubrey…you didn’t.



    Dear Aubrey, one album out and you start talkin’ Shyte ? Oh U fancy, huh!

    It’s nobody’s fault if your mentor Lil’ Wayne is either in jail either making a baby all the d*mn year!

    Jay Z did a collaboration album with R Kelly like ten years ago. How old were you, like, 4? Lmao. Sit down, Jimmy.

  • missdee

    Why is he kicking shade? Like one commenter said he needs to tell his boss to stay out the clink and stop trying to re-populate the earth and get back to business. Don’t let that one album let you get out of body Drake. Kanye and Jay-Z could kill your career at point blank range without bating an eye. have you making guest appearances on degrassi trying to stay relevant.

    • karlos jones

      missdee, you’re on point, every time drake fans talk about drake they always mention he was on degrassi high like it’s relevant(good word) to his garbage existence like kanye said chasing that stardom will turn you into a maniax/ all the way in hollywood and i can’t even act/ they pull their cameras out and god damn they snap/i used to want this thing forever y’all can have it back, drake is super garbage, i’ll say it again, he has no shock value, jay and ye’ could end that nggas career with just 1 bars, that ngga better be careful for real, MONSTER

  • Siddy

    Before this Kid start to rap Jay-Z was already doing collaborations with other Artists, This is the 4th, Jay-Z already Collaborated With R. Kelly twice and once with Likin Park! This Kid is Fackin Crazy

  • Sthibo

    i agree with y’all he needs to stay in his lane,tht was totally uncalled for.