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Sneak Peak: Lil Kim’s 24/7 Goddess Clothing Line [Photos]


Lil Kim is giving fans a behind the scenes look at her new clothing line, 24/7 Goddess.

The rapper, whose tracks “6’7” and “Clap, Clap” debuted yesterday, is moving into designing her own clothing line and debuted new pieces at North Carolina’s Charlotte Fashion Week.

Kiddunot was on hand to scoop up pictures of the Queen B’s fashions.

Check out Kimmy’s 24/7 Goddess Collection below.

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  • i’ll burn yo D I C K n3xt…

    the 1st 3 was okay but all the rest look lik vomit…



  • ty

    there was ONE thing that i could see a female wearing outside. everything else was just tacky as hell. it reminds me of the clothing you might see at a fashion show, but NEVER out in the real world. plus, the line had the same color scheme to it. a pale yellowish-type color. no variety. not being a hater, but this will fail. her target audience will not react to this.

  • coupe_22

    She shoulda called it KIM BY KIMBERLY lol Try Again Kim Really….North Carolina’s Charlotte Fashion Week. I guess u gotta start somewhere


    lmfao. easy pickins’, here they come. lol 😆

  • Danielle

    they look cheaper than She by Sheree

  • A step ahead

    Congratulations Kim!

    Continue to reach toward the hands that motivate. I wish you much success.

    It’s a beautiful thing to step over criticism while experiencing success.

    Clap, clap!

  • U R A 24/7 STAR

    I hope you read this Kim.

    I read all your news threads and, especially the comments. It blows me away to read how negative people are. Especially our black people. PLEASE do not let those comments get you down or distract you from experiencing success. Its funny how you can spot a broken soul. They never have nothing positive to say.

    Keep reaching Kim. Like one of your lines, people would rather see you broke, barefooted in the hood with them.

    I’m a fan and admire all that you’ve worked so hard to accomplish. Keep smiling no matter what.

    • i’ll burn yo D I C K n3xt…

      @UR A 24/7 STAR
      wellz if we being negative to KIM aint u being negative to us???
      each person has the rite to give his/her own comment whether u think it’s it’s being negative or not isn’t puting any money in ur pockets.Lets see u post sum “real” pictures of yoself rocking “GODDESS” clothing (LMMAO)

  • angie

    I’d rock #6 and it would look better on me. Need some breast in there to fill that out

  • angie

    # 8! whats up with the shoe game, I like the fit……but the shoe. Queen B, shouldnt, she be rocking some gold and cream Prada Stiletto’s?!

  • Ummm…Really?

    This s*** is ugly! Just because it is pastel, has alot of fabric, ruching, and some bead work, doesn’t make it runway or couture. But let me guess, just because a celebrity’s name is on it, Ppl will go out and spend hundreds on that ugly crap. Plz!

  • Unico

    Hmm… very “Neo 90’s”
    Might want to tone down on the gold fabric though.

  • tomcat

    @renee lol
    Hellll nawww! Dat bytch nikki crazy, bipolar, an confused. Margeret, lions, tigers, an bears in dat bytch head. When I saw her in an interview she looked an sounded like DUMBO!! Silly ho tricks r for kids. Manup!admit u tryin to steal kim swagg an call it troops! Lol

  • Queen Truth

    Kim clothing line is BEAUTIFUL. u nicki fans are true HATERS. its classy, elegant, & fierce. the line is gonna be HOT. nicki could NEVER design clothes of this standards. nicki would do better at a COSTUME LINE. lol

  • piinkd

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress! i would definately purchase!

    • piinkd


  • alicia

    love kim. hate every piece.

  • alicia

    thumbs down

  • Danni Young Starr

    Hey Kim Love you you are an awsome artist I am a fashion designer and fashion illustrator as well as musical artist I would love to design for you and sing for you. I am very multi-talented and a true performer. Get at me I would love to design for you . Thanks Kim BIG fan!

  • MiMi

    Kim you could’ve done it better i really dont think this is a masterpiece they look a lil weird like lady gaga wanna be’s and im sorry kim i love you but girl what were you thinking…??


    So much negativity…best to say what was wrong
    i see what you tryna do KIM nice but no cigar i think
    uum u should try the new whole color tone thing the young ppl doing i design and im trying to do the same thing i think micheal did it best no harm and taking a closer look wish u much success!! PS. for ya ll who don’t know what she tryna do go luk at captian EO and get a clue shes right on point its hard to get this stuff right HATERS …..