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Fabolous Disses Natalie Nunn: "Girls Is Fawkin’ For Turkey Burgers" [Photo]


Fabolous is known for his antics on Twitter and lately he’s been taking not so subliminal shots at “Bad Girl” Natalie Nunn.

As previously reported, the ex-reality TV star released a UStream video dissing Amber Rose for her new relationship with Wiz Khalifa.

Nunn was previously linked to the Pittsburgh rapper who according to her, is now her sloppy seconds.

In the Ustream she made mention of Khalifa being a gentleman who gave her turkey burgers and hot chocolate while trying to wine and dine her in L.A.

She also added that she drank red wine with the rapper while eating steak, potatoes and asparagus.
Fab obviously saw the video and took the opportunity to make it into a trending topic “GirlsIsFawkinFor.”

On Tuesday he tweeted,

Oh word.. #GirlsIsFawkinFor turkey burgers & hot chocalate??… #GirlsIsFawkinFor steak, potatoes & asparagus… Oh & a glass of red wine… LOL.”

He then added,

“I got Swiss Miss at the crib.. & turkey burgers fresh off the Foreman grizz-ill… YADADADADAADADADADADAAMEAN!! LOL”

Before telling Khalifa himself,

“If @realwizkhalifa only giving turkey burgers & hot cocoa, im only giving Lunchables & Capri Sun’s.. LMAO”

Fabolous is known for being a close friend of Rose.

Check out more Fab’s tweets to Nunn below.



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  • I’m not one for Twitter beefs but Fabolous is hilarious!


  • twitter is a fracking disgrace. I can see why its only 120 chracters most of these celebs don’t have enough intelligence to write anything longer than that.

  • TexasChick

    Natalie is a hoodrat that constantly runs her mouth talking trash about any and everyone for attention, she reminds me of Khia!!!


    She looks like she was hit in the face with an IRON W/THE STEAM SETTING ON.



  • Latina Madness

    Natalie is Ghetto…….the end.


    2 FUNNY FAB!!!!!

  • Natalie is a hoe/she get in where she fit in/she’ll do what it take’s no matter what/ the girl is out there real real bad. It seem’s like these hoe’s make stripper’s look real classy.

  • lol Fab is so funny WTF how does Natalie Nunn decide to go in on anybody about sloppy seconds, im sure she had some sloppy seconds, thirds and fourths too…gtfooh with that seriouslly.

  • Isn’t funny how the media makes Ho’n look fair? like its ok? LOL that shyt is strange, how kan you GLAM UP HO’n??

  • TheChiTownBabyDiva

    Fab baby, please eat some food. If I was on a date with you, I wouldn’t feel safe with you at all.
    Fix your teeth. Gain some weight. Lose the bird chest Fabo.
    Maybe, just maybe, you will look somewhat attractive.

  • AND

    Fabulous, it only shows he as more game than you as you’ve to spend a fortune for a bit of…..LOL

  • Mz Barbi3

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  • Umm

    TheChiTownBabyDiva, you’re either a friend of his BM and you’re angry over their relationship(which is a no no) or he f***ed you and flung you… you sound extra bitter about something. Which on is it

  • Umm

    Oops, that should be *which one is it*