Lil Kim Remakes Rihanna's "Man-Down" [Audio]

lil kim

RihannaKim Lil Kim has tacked on a verse to Rihanna's LOUD track "Man-Down." Is the Queen ...
  • Snoop420

    WOW> HORRIBLE, Lil Kim ruin a good song from rihanna!

  • cmp2010

    one of my fav songs ruined smh

  • Empress

    I usually love lil kim - but this is WACK AS
    HELL!!! Rihanna's version told a better story w/out kim...EPIC FAIL!


    my cat's been crying lately cause of an ear infection...
    ugh! :-(

  • pika lavore

    smh Lil Kim hang it up (flatscreen)

  • NO!!!

    wow!!! i just busted out laughing on this. horrible!!!!!!

  • Tamz

    Uhhh for kim to keep playing herself like this is shameful hang it up plz quick fast like now

  • plaidninja

    *lmao @RHONYC

  • emergeMANE

    S. Carter ain't having it...Roc Nation is asking blogs left and right to remove this unofficial mess... i acknowledge that kim has/had skill as a rapper but this sh-t sound like Carribean Karaoke...

  • shaun

    Pure BS!

  • Shoni

    LOL, I agree with you!

  • Jess

    why did she even feel the need to do this??

  • GAGA

    smdh desperate

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