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Police Find Crack Hidden Between Man’s Buttocks During Strip Search


A South Carolina man is in police custody today after authorities say he was belligerent and found with crack cocaine hidden between his buttocks.

According to WYFF 4, 23-year-old Marvel Foster was arrested Tuesday after being stopped for speeding in Spartanburg, County.

Police report that Foster told police he didn’t have a license and noted that his car smelled of cologne.

They also noted however that he had a leafy green substance on the floor of his vehicle.

A check confirmed that the man’s license was suspended for a drug violation and he agreed to let officers search his car.

A search found two more bags of what officers described as a “leafy green substance” and over $1,000 in Foster’s pockets he claimed was from a girlfriend.
Officers report that he then became aggressive and was taken into custody.

At the Spartanburg County Detention Center a strip search was administered and a large white crack rock inside a clear bag was found tucked between Foster’s buttocks.

He is now facing drug trafficking charges.



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  • Nee


  • Parisia Angoilini

    As if crack doesn’t funk enough…now he has to ASSify it

  • Jonathan Hughes

    pharmacy’s selling drugs are all over the place selling harmful substances to the body,and that is not being paid attention to at all. There is a lot of hypocrisy going on. A hypocrite will hurt their neighbor. Humans that die have seemingly have an uncontrollable urge to judge another human,and not even consider their own condition that dies, and kills all life. Condemners,and accusers,and givers of fear should humble themselves being repentant about how they have treated humans, and save their soul.

    Heaven is not going to have police officers,and heaven is supposed to be in us,and that means police are not of God,and they are not heavenly. That means police officers are of the other guy,and that means we have police because of the other guy,and not God. Therefore police are always misbehaving,and it gets worse when a human is killed,and or someones pet. Jesus who is the Lord God would not do those things. The police are another form of the military,and that is all.


    Soo, U are sayin’ d@ he hid the crack N his crack?? Soundz like a good idea. Now imagine if he wuz pissed off??? 8-D