Always Delete Your Sent Box: Celebrities Who've Been Caught Sexting


sexting Many celebrities & pro-athletes (such as Tiger Woods, Miley Cyrus & Rihanna have been caught ...

Many celebrities & pro-athletes (such as Tiger Woods, Miley Cyrus & Rihanna have been caught up in 'sexting' scandals in which their nude or semi nude photos & dirty texts have been leaked to the public.

Although some were just messages, others took it a step further and sent an image to go with the naughty thoughts.

While some were a one time mistake, others are sure to be a reoccurring act in this movie, as we've already seen new sets from Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens, and more.

Peep the page#'s below to see some of the most famous sexting scandals

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  • De’La Flyy

    Lol ^ right but the whole ashanti thing is so creepy & weird smh

  • AND

    OMG Tiger woods really need councilling - he's absolutely demented DWL

  • Brre

    Who edited the Vanessa Hudgins piece?? Lol

  • Thomas Sabo Australia

    This angle is so great!

  • Lee

    Urr... is it just me or does the piece on Vanessa Hudgen make no sense at all?

  • Umm

    "Vanessa Hudgens did not learn her honest from the recognize sincere she had a unveil turn into imperfection, when pictures she took for exboyfriend Zac terminated up on the internet."

    "Hudgens has had more get to it pictures p*****ed out, that indicator leaked from her BB."

    ^^Yo HIPHOPWIRED, what the kcuf does that mean... I need to see the editor *****to.

  • Umm

    So you edit p.r.o.n.t.o. but couldn't edit that piece of crap writing job.

  • avec

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  • dee

    ...And apparently you've chosen some random letters out of a scrabble bag to make up your piece on Vanessa Hudgens. What two-year old put that sentence together??? If you ever decide to hire a proofreader, I'll be sure to forward my resume. SMH...

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