FBI Opens Books On Biggie Murder Case; Documents Convey Cover Up


biggie smalls FBI Releases Documents On B.I.G. Murder; Rapper Killed With Rare Ammunition The FBI recently shed new ...

FBI Releases Documents On B.I.G. Murder; Rapper Killed With Rare Ammunition

The FBI recently shed new light on the circumstances surrounding the death of rapper Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace when it released case documents revealing some previously unknown information about the murder.

In the over 100 page documentation of the investigation, the Feds reveal that a number of gang-affiliated officers working with the Los Angeles Police Department may have aided the shooter's escape. Federal authorities also believe these same officers further disrupted the investigation, by failing to follow up on witness reports and purposefully disregarding witness statements.

The documents, which looks into the dealings of Death Row records in the investigation, also claims that the imprint was a label as well as a cocaine front, with wildly famous artists like Tupac Shakur and Snoop Dogg selling records while other employees service kilos of cocaine to the East coast.

The case files also reveal that Big was killed with Gecko 9mm armor piercing ammunition, which is unique to the United States and made in Germany. Police later searched the home of an unnamed Mob Piru Bloods gang member reportedly involved in the crime and recovered a 9mm handgun and Gecko rounds. However, according to the documents, ballistics test were never run.

At one point there were at least 10 witnesses with information about the murder, according to the documents. But they refused to divulge info to the LAPD.

Peep the entire revealing FBI case file below:



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