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Osama Bin Laden's Black Mistress Attacks Wale On Twitter, “Punk Beyotch Nigerian Skin Bleacher”


Kola Boof Calls Out Wale

Kola Boof is back in headlines for something other than her love affair with Osama Bin Laden, this time for attacking rapper Wale.

As previously reported Boof is the former mistress of the late terrorist leader and has penned a book on her tumultuous relationship with her ex-lover.

Now just days after giving an interview where she expressed guilt over “being with [a modern day] Hitler”, Boof took to Twitter to attack rapper Wale for his “Pretty Girl” video.

When the visual was released in 2010, Wale was criticized by a number of people who claimed that he only used women with lighter skin tones in the final cut.

Boof obviously just caught wind of the video and took to Twitter Tuesday to call out the Maybach Music rapper as a “punk Beyotch Nigerian skin bleacher” and a “loser a** mother*cker.”

“There wasn’t a single Black woman in “Pretty Girls”…so what in the Fawk was he saying about African women?? His own race?”

@WALE is a little Punk Beyotch Nigerian Skin Bleacher who wants to escape his own people & gets PAID 2 do s. I know enough about @WALE …and he’s a LOSER a** motherFawker in my book. Don’t give a Shyte who’s IN DENIAL. Fawk WALE

If #WALE was my Goshdang son I’d drown that Chimp-brained Nigerian N*ggerstock mother*cker. And feed his a**to the Red Ants. Loser mofo! And Black Women….keep making excuses & supporting these mofos…..that’s what IRKs me.

Dumb a** Black Women. You would think Black Women would have 2 halves of a brain to tune out these mofos..but they the #1 supporters. This man HATES US…hates our whole Fawking existence & wants to escape blackness…and we making him rich!!??

Boof continued on her rant adding that through videos like “Pretty Girls” the Nigerian rapper was promoting skin bleaching.  She also made sure to add that she was “harder than any Fawking rapper” and called Wale a “Nigerian Cl*t Beyotch and “N*ggerstock trash.”

“To me….a man like WALE….is no different than a Fawking Clansmen. He just gets away with his Shyte bec. he’s dark black. But let WALE have to decide between saving YOU from drowning and a European. He’s a skin bleacher. Might as well be Jergen. NO DUMB A**.he doesn’t “REP” Nigeria. You’re just too stupid to see his messages. He promotes Fawking SKIN BLEACHING!

[…] I don’t support ANY of you colorstruck Rap mother*ckers. You’re ALL N*ggerstock TRASH and Black Race can do better.”


Obviously irritated by her rant but trying to remain respectful, Wale fired back, calling her a “disgusting human being and “absolute disgrace.”

According to this lunatic @kolaboof I promote “skin bleaching” and I hate black women. And @kolaboof thinks that because she contributed to writing a few books, that she can talk down to me.

With all due respect ms @kolaboof I can sit up here and say you were porking terrorist…like a lot of your peers say.

But I’d rather not, because I’m ignorant to @kolaboof whatever relationship you had with Ol’ Boy and my ignorance to THAT particular subject will keep me quiet. W/ that said u should 2. @kolaboof your pretentious. Your a disgusting human being, an absolute disgrace to the very people you pretend to endorse. “


Boof is continuing her rant on Wale and most recently added,

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  • 718


    • TripleBlackBeauty

      You most insightful person are my HERO! Thank you for wading through the BS to get to the HEART of the matter.

      Kola is no fool… The fools are Black woman who continue to support with monies those who have abandoned use, our children and community… DO NOT SUPPORT ANYONE THAT DOES NOT SUPPORT YOU!

  • hopi

    kola boof:1
    wale :0

  • Candi


  • amyshaango

    why does what he does concern her so much, dont black ppl have a problem with other blacks dating outside of their race? so how can you sit with a straight face and criticize what someone else believes, or what you think they believe, jus because its something that you dont agree with? so stop being a hypocrite, retard!

  • Bohwe

    I’m sorry but Kola is harder than these so-called rappers. If you know her life , besides the Osama affair, you would know that Kola is a real gangsta. She doesn’t just speak about being down for the cause, she’s actually puts in work. And if she’s crazy enough to deal with one of the craziest men that ever lived, Osama, why would she be scared of Wale or any other rapper? I’m sorry but this had to be the funniest twitter battle ever. Wale had to use his words carefully, cuz Kola showed out.

  • marna

    Wale didn’t know? It’s not a game, that’s the OG.

  • Veve

    I’m actually really surprised that she said these things – IF she said them. She has a point though; women like Naomi Campbell, Jessica White and Gabrielle Union are more beautiful than the prettiest white women. Just the way it is. God bless our brown skin!

  • Whatever

    They both coons. black race is a dry husk of a long dead creature.

  • NaNa

    It’s obvious that you know nothing about those who are in situations where they are held against their will.

    Exactly what would you have done in her situation? Not a dayum thang.

    So kindly STFU and look up Stockholm Syndrome.

    • TripleBlackBeauty

      Thank you…. Thank you VERY MUCH… People should STFU on issues they have NO KNOWLEDGE ABOUT…. and most especially when they suffer from the EXACT SAME Mental condition!

  • Fell

    I guess no one has heard Wale song Shades