‘The Loss Of The Rings' And Other Hilarious Miami Heat Jokes [Photos]

lebron james

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  • Kathryn

    GO MAVS!

  • ladyscholar

    Normally I hate flipping through the various pages. But this one was worth it. No Ring Having *****e$ was my favorite.

  • in my opinion

    wish there was a like button!

  • eh

    That's not a monkey or gorilla nor is it made to look like one. But I am also offended by this as I like Mr. James.

  • eh

    I saw the gorilla pic. That's not cool!

  • JoePR31

    So how come you all aren't offended by the picture comparing Bosh to the ostrich? It seems like you're the ones discriminating against monkeys and gorillas. If anything, I'm sure gorillas everywhere are up in arms about being compared to an arrogant douche like Lebron James. Before anyone starts crying or pulling out the race card, no, I'm not white. ALL the pictures were funny. Get over your insecurities already, please.

  • Njbubba27

    I have a picture comparing different facial expressions of George W. Bush to those of monkeys and gorillas. Does that mean rhat I'm calling Bush a black man? Get over yourself.

  • eto

    its not a primate its golem a character from lord ofthe ring

  • eto

    saw the gorilla pic right its noy cool

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