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Beyonce’s "4" Album Certified Platinum [Picts]


4 Reaches Platinum Status

Five weeks after it’s release Beyonce’s fourth studio LP, 4, has reached platinum status shipping over 1 million units according to the RIAA.

Fueled by the single “Run The World (Girls)” the album hit shelves June 24, selling 310,000 copies in its first week in stores and debuting No. 1 on Billboards Top 200.

It was however B’s worst first week sales of her solo career.

This is Beyonce’s fourth platinum plaque for a solo album.

Her previous three albums B Day, I Am…Sasha Fierce and Dangerously In Love also reached platinum status.

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  • lala

    Adele is back at number one. Woo hoo!

  • wanda

    go beysus

  • ?

    So, tell me this, the album has only sold 550,000 copies according to Billboard, which makes it certified gold, but yet she is claiming it sold 1 million copies and is certified platinum? Either Billboard, Soundscan or Bey’s peeps are trying to pull a fast one. The numbers don’t add up!

    • jasonR

      it SHIPPED 1 million copies so it is certified platinum beacuse stores are ordering more, and they are going to be sold sooner or later, and it is well over platinum status worldwide.

  • crystal

    its platinum worldwide..but anyway congrats bey

  • Westside cutie!!!!

    Jay Z and Bey’s peeps buying albums so she can go platinum! Just like her dad was buying them awards for her overrated behind! Heard the album and it was just what I expected….. A lot of over singing over some weak a** tracks= “FAIL”

  • deon

    @westside cutie lmao why u mad tho give props when its due and quit hating dawg…go head bey i c u baby sold more than 1million ww now thats whatsup

  • Westside cutie!!!!!

    @ deon…… Having an opinion is not hatin’! I don’t hate BeYAWNce, I just think she’s overrated! And I only give props when it’s due and IMO it’s not due until she do something diffrent and ORIGINAL! She’s a known swagger jacker! Y’all beYAWNce fans kill me!!!! Lmao!

  • CCHHyah

    cutie!!! stfu – Original? Nothing is original anymore. wtf do u want her to do…? ride on a flying pig? ur statements werent base on ur opinion ure stating things youve read or heard. GTFO Beyotch.. wish the fans would kill you. One less retard in this world.

  • Westside cutie!!!!

    @CCHHYah… First of all ur the beyotch attacking me about how I feel about BeWACKce! And ur angry and taking up for somebody that don’t even know or give to rats a** about u! The way u ranting u would think ur on her pay roll! Lol! Ur head is so far up her behind it’s really pathetic! How old are u?! U sound like a youngster, if ur older that’s even worse! U wish her fans will kill me? Lol! Ur nuts! BeYAWNce don’t like u so stop it… U sound dumb and crazy! Oh and BTW…. I still think she’s swagger jacker and overrated( my opinion)!

  • @Westside why are you even here? It never ceases to amaze me that people who don’t even like Beyonce ALWAYS manage to find their way to ANY related topic about her. If you don’t like her, then DON’T PAY HER ANY ATTENTION and move on. Go have an “opinion” somewhere else. The FANS are here to congratulate. You don’t see us on other pages talking about other artists. That’s petty, and we have lives. Go Beyonce!

  • Westside cutie!!!!!!

    @ dariana jones….. It’s called a comment section meaning I can voice my opinion! Go ahead ignore me that’s what I want u to do! U the one who felt the need to hop on the band wagon to reply to my comment! Obsessed BeWACKce fans= Pathetic!

  • Raj

    Congrats bey I knew u could do it. So happy btind is doing well as weeks are progressing hope it hits top10. Congrats neway

  • R.Wells

    I am a Beyoncé Stan to the fullest, but I find it quite hard that all of you people come on these forums to voice overly negative opinions about a woman whom you have never met and probably never will meet. It’s unfathomable to me that you all can criticize behind a computer screen with a keyboard, honestly get a life. The girl has worked & worked tirelessly to build an empire & for hateful people to come to tear her down is pathetic. Beyoncé recently said there is plenty of room for many queens so why must we constantly make arbitrary comparisons ? Give her props because they are due. & as for the numbers debate because 4 is a double disc album over 100 mins long it counts as 2 units so with that being said if she sold 500,000+ she actually sold 1,000,000+ . do the research before you say things it just makes you look ignorant. All of you are arguing about things that don’t matter with people whom don’t matter. The majority of you sound so immature it’s ridiculous & slightly hilarious. The grammar and sentax is atrocious. The catty-ness back & forth is asinine. Beyoncé is very talented that’s pretty much a given so why all the hate ? Are you mad ? Stay mad ! If anyone is compelled to comment on someone that they ‘hate’ so much they are seriously disturbed and should probably find a hobby. Or a job ! I’m just saying.

  • roca

    ____kayne west__ went platinum in a week…