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Eazy E’s Son Wants To Play Pops In N.W.A. Film


Eazy E’s Son Wants Role In N.W.A Movie

Eazy E ’s son, Eric Wright Jr, wants in on the recently announced N.W.A. film.

And according to the late rapper’s seed there is a “high probability” he will get the role of his father.

“I’m the perfect man for the job,” he tells TMZ. “Who better to play him in the N.W.A. days?”

Wright Jr, who goes by the moniker Lil Eazy E, says he has been in contact with the films producers but has yet to audition for the role.

That hasn’t stopped Eazy part deux from promoting his assets however; “Like father, like son,” he said. “No makeup needed.”

As recently reported, John Singleton has been tapped to direct the film.


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