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5 Secrets The Music Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know


The New Forms Of Payola In 2011:  The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same


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  • Neight

    Well i personally wouldnt do the things because my music means more to me then money and fame i dont do music in hopes to become rich i do my music in hopes to help people now money would jus be a bonus but i would not sell my soul for it

  • Very sad but true facts!! I must definitely repost this.

  • Neight

    @smokey u dont even know me or my music its not even out so idk what ur talkin about but i also do not know u so i will not act agressive to you ur just someone thats judgin someone u never met or know anything about so instead ill just wish you the best and hope you are successful at whatever you do

  • Well, this is interesting. Not that we have not known about it.

    It seems to be an industry norm nowadays. It brings a competitive edge to the game.

    We’ve heard about people selling their soul to the devil in order to succeed and, I would rather pay money than lose my soul. The deal sounds fair to me.

    We need to understand that, it has become an industry norm. This is nothing new. We are simply being reminded and, if you didn’t know then, you’re simply being informed. I’ve always known this.

    However, artists have to put out quality music if they are to see any returns on their investment. Leggo!!!

  • I knew that crap a long time ago. My blog has been up and runnin for almost 2 and half years and my twitter account has the same number of followers I had for a minute. I knew these fake followers was a joke lol!

  • Keonte

    Great article. Im sure most of us knew this stuff already, and it bothers me how people actually worship these people, like these celebrities are gods. You got me messed up l ain’t celebrating them l celebrate and worship the almighty in heaven peace and stay bless y’all

  • imback

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  • Daryl

    I suspected this, but it’s gratifying to get confirmation. I’m a older guy that likes supporting talented artists especially new talent, but with all this staged hype and the reality show culture in music, tv, and the tabloids it’s about time for ppl like me in their late 30’s and early 40’s to jump off this track reck. Hell, on the radio they only play maybe a 10 song rotation, what about the new innovative artists. I guess I gotta search the internet and find me a station that caters to the market of age and niche. Like you stated in the article it’s the young and the impressionable that’s driving the market. It’s unfortunate but black stations lack diversity, and Lupe Fiasco already told us about it being dumbed down!

  • agelinawhite

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  • True! #facts. Great posts. This music industry is sooo fugazi

  • C Allen

    It won’t get any better sadly…..a whole generation that for the most part turns its nose up at anything that is not top 10 on a clear channel station….music history being lost.

  • zina

    1) When the black artist start talking about what is killing our community.
    2) When they start showing love to black women.
    3)When our women stop looking for super fake beauty from the europian point of view.
    4) when we OWN our own T.V chanels and record lables then I will start buying CDS. Untill then I can’t be bother to support what they call artist now a days.

  • Paybac93

    Hell yea