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Webbie Threatens 106 & Park’s Terrence J [Video]


Savage Life rapper Webbie is obviously still heated at BET host Terrence J, now that he’s threatened to “beat him up” on Twitter.

As previously reported, Webbie was a guest on 106 and reportedly banned after an incident between himself and host Rocsi Diaz took place.

To the surprise of viewers and the audience Terrence announced that the rapper would no longer be returning saying,

“We would not like to thank Lil Webbie who has been banned from the show. You will not see him on 106 & Park anymore.”

Now Webbie’s firing back and has released a video bashing J. According to him J’s just mad that his girl [Rocsi] wanted him.

“I’m slapping the Fawk outta Terrence when I see him. That’s a personal issue. Terrence likes that girl and that girl wanted me.”

Umm okay.

Check out Webbie getting at the 106 & Park host below.

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  • Fahtima Shabazz

    To bad for Webbie, he just really committed career suicide, and it’s not like he has a real Hip Hop career anyway. Terrance J. jealous of Webbie FOR WHAT? Of WHAT? All This about getting with someones girl, this is 2011 Damn Really. Terrance doesn’t have time for this and I am sure he’s not scared. To late in the day for this let’s get, let’s get this Paper!!!


  • Elijah Russ

    You really need to watch what the hell you say! This is a kids’ show, what he did set black folks back 3500 years.We have all gone though too much and have come too much to have Webbie start up some bullshit like this. It is time for the game to wake up,rappers should relize the power that they hold. The white establishment is looking for a reason to shut us down. He played into the white man’s hands.If you want to get at a females there is a way to go about it. Didn’t you mother give you any kind of training at all.