Chief Keef Adds Lil Wayne To List Of Things He D'ont Like [VIDEO]

120622-chief-keef-2 After Chief Keef threw gasoline and lit a match on the G.O.O.D. Music bridge that ...

After Chief Keef threw gasoline and lit a match on the G.O.O.D. Music bridge that was built for him last week, Keef might have scorched another potential bridge with Young Money. Birdman had expressed a lot of interest in signing Chief Keef before he settled at Interscope Records, but it looks like he won't be throwing Keef any love any time soon.

In this guerrilla-style video filmed of Chief Keef at a barbershop, the barber asked him if he would do any work with Lil Wayne in the future. Keef replied frankly, "Lil Wayne? I ain't cool with him. I'm cool with Birdman. I don't like Lil Wayne...I'ma do a song with him, but he's homo.”

Soon after this video surfaced, Keef tweeted " I have nothing against Wayne, he's richer so why would I? I'm not the one who said he's homo so hop off my d***." I don't know Keef, that video looks and sounds and awful lot like you. Hit the jump to check out the footage.


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  • Daniel Asamota

    This fool ain't gonna' last long coz it's apparent he's good and stupid! He ain't even a mention in *****ody's mouth yet and he's dissin' the Big Men in the biz! Gotta' show respect before you get some!

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